“20 officers and 15 Wagner mercenaries killed”

There will be one Former British Special Agent GroupVery trained and experienced War Behind the high number of deaths among military generals Putin Inside Ukraine. This was first reported by the Daily Star, a source within the British Army confirmed the existence of a group of former special forces providing logistical support to the Ukrainian army.

In the eyes of the “special committee” there are high-ranking officers in the military and Wagner group mercenaries. According to sources in the English press, they have already been ambushed and killed 20 Russian generals And 15 Wagner mercenaries (The latter is all the same ambush).

Who are the members of the Special Committee

An elite team of former British soldiers has been formed 12 men aged 29 to 62 years Worked for 6 weeks in Ukraine. This is mainly about Veterans He is said to have been recruited by WhatsApp from a group of ex-combatants in Iraq and Afghanistan and former members of the Detachment L (an intelligence unit). “They have about 120 years of Special Forces experience. They are completely self-sufficient. They have ammunition, weapons and ammunition. There are at least two trained war veterans, ”the source told the Daily Star. The same source added that mercenaries would fight if they were captured by the enemy, knowing that they would surely die if captured by the enemy, as happened to two British citizens captured by the Russians and sentenced to death in Donetsk: “They will be tortured, interrogated and hanged as foreign mercenaries.”

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According to Putin, war is a “massacre of generals.”

The war in Ukraine is becoming one “Assassination of Generals” To Putin, who has suffered many losses in the highest echelons of the military. Many wonder why there are so many other deaths among the leaders, given the difficulties on the field and the low morale of the troops, which exposes themselves to greater dangers than others and encourages soldiers to move closer to the front line. Wars. One hypothesis is valid, but now it has been confirmed that the Ukrainians have been aiming to “behead” the invading army since the start of the war. The Ukrainian strategy was specifically aimed at killing commanders and generals, and to do so, it enlisted the support of qualified foreign personnel.

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