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Weather: Winter 2022/23 La Niña will arrive. It may be the year of snow on the plains. Latest Updates

Winter 2021/2022: Nina may affect winter, but doubts remainAutumn-Winter is still a few months away, but thanks to seasonal forecasts and some Atmospheric indices, we can already get a general idea of ​​the expected time. In particular, there is a phenomenon, the NinaThe next plain hangs in hope of snow Winter.

Let’s find out what it is right away and then figure out what’s possible Effects on Italy.

LA Nina. Let’s start by saying that this phenomenon represents a Temperature cooling Surface waters of the central and eastern Pacific Ocean That’s often Affects climate With different reflections of our planet Europe And inside Italy. This is precisely what has been happening in recent months, with values ​​around 1°C lower than the reference climate average. This small variation leads to a Change in atmospheric circulation On a planetary level: Some areas such as Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines are seeing an increase in rainfall, as well as southern parts of Africa or north of Brazil. Also, monsoons are intensifying over Southeast Asia and India. In contrast, the region between Brazil and Argentina and the region of the United States overlooking the Gulf of Mexico (drought and fire in California) see less rain. Additionally, with La Niña, cold and sometimes snowy intrusions towards Central Europe and Valpadana are frequent, while anticyclones in the Mediterranean persist with more temperate climates and less rainfall.

Winter Forecasts Europe – Italy. The effects of this climate change on our continent in the Pacific are not yet clear and indeed there are many uncertainties. If the years characterized by Niña are distinguished by frequent cold intrusions from the end of November, the first snowfalls in Turin, Milan, Bologna and Valpatana in December and Florence, with possible episodes of Burien by February, the latest seasonal forecasts of the prestigious Central European Countries (ECMWF) temperatures will continue. Above 1°C on average. This kind of warming expected next winter is actually in line with a clear climate trend of increasing momentum since the 90s, and fits perfectly within the broader picture of climate change. Global warming or global warming Say what you want. If so, that means global warming is largely offsetting the effects of La Niña. Destroy itInstigates a change It becomes difficult to reverse. Unexpectedly.

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