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from Elvira Serra

Alpinist and his wife: “We travel the world together, but our happiness is watching a picture on the sofa.” She: “I thought she was going to offer me a job, but the next day she called me. They say I’m interested in the castle and its money, but they repeat the usual clichés.”

From our correspondent

Castel Jewel – He now calls it “Diane Bridge”. There is The bridge that made them fall in love in front of Brunico Castle on 18 August 2018. Not that everything was immediately clear. But of course something broke in the head (and heart). Reinhold Messner, the King of the Eight Thousand saw the young woman walking in a light-colored dress with heavy fabric, similar to the clothes worn in Nepal or South America. A mountain folk festival was taking place at the Ripa Museum, dedicated that year to the historical region of Georgia, Svaneti. At the end of the day, as she leaves, they meet again and take a picture together. It was then that he asked for her phone number on impulse. She types it on his mobile phone because he doesn’t know how to do it (after all, she always teaches him how to send messages). In the passage he writes: Diane Schumacher. He calls her the next day. Within three years they were husband and wife. Together they remember those days when they looked into each other’s eyes. She gets up, pours a drink, and slaps his hand. We’re in Castel Jual, on Val Venosta, where the Messner Mountain Museum is, in a room with elephants, Tibetan rugs, a huge drop chandelier and Flint, the female Jack Russell (he’s so jealous).

Reinhold, what made you call Diane right away?

“I was attracted by this beautiful woman and I wanted to get to know her better. I was a little lost. My wife left me eight months ago, I was not looking for a new partner, and I survived well without knowing how to cook: a little dot and dry bread was enough for me, and I was out. I often eat out in restaurants when I am there for my business as a lecturer”.
Diane: “Actually, already on the bridge he asked me so many questions that I thought he wanted to offer me a job. Then when he called me I realized he had another interest … ».
Reinhold: “… you have fallen into a trap, because now we work together!”.

You created The Messner Mountain Heritage, which takes care of the Final Expedition, the last world tour of what traditional mountaineering is all about.

Reinhold: “Diane is the CEO, and she follows the whole company piece. It’s important for us to create something of our own.”
Diane: “This final tour started in Australia and New Zealand before the arrival of Covid, then in Moscow and St Petersburg. Now we are going back to Slovenia in September.

Your marriage, Reinhold’s third and Diane’s second, was not immune to criticism. First for the age difference: 36 years (she 1980, he 1944).

Diane: “They repeat the same clichés we see in books and movies. They say I’m interested in castles, money … We don’t pretend to live how other people live. But we want to make our own decisions about our lives.”
Reinhold: This money thing is so unfair. I have four children and things are clear: Castel Jewel belongs to Anna; Management of the Messner Mountain Museum is entrusted to Madkalena; We used to work with Simon at my film production company, but now he has two farms in the mountains that he follows; I bought a house in Canada for my elder daughter Leela, where she lives.

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Diane, how was she received by Reinhold’s family?

“Brothers and sisters are very good. In particular, I have a very sweet relationship with Hubert, he never judges us, he is on our side from the beginning. In children, I first met Leela two years ago and she is very creative and nice to me. Magdalena is just like her, she is the one I feel closest to. Anna is 20 years old: at her age I was already married … ».

With Thomas, he had Rito, now 15 years old. What is your son’s relationship with Reinhold?

“It was hard at first, he asked me why I was abandoning them. I tried to explain to him that he would be moving out of the house in a year or two, and he didn’t want me staying next to a man I didn’t like. He lives with his father.”

Does he ever visit you?

Diane: “No, he doesn’t love the mountains, let’s just say he doesn’t consider Reinholdt a stepfather.”

Thinking about your own child?

Diane: “No, I can never do this to Reto. Then Reinhold already four ».

Can you tell an advantage and disadvantage of each?

Diane: “He has no patience. If we have an appointment and we’re on time, keep it. On the other hand, if we quarrel, he does not blame me: he immediately forgets everything.
Reinhold: “Diane is a beautiful girl, she is a hundred times more practical than me, she can fix anything. Disadvantage: it is very emotional ».
Diane: “Although he has no patience, he hates going shopping with me, he never rushes me: if I need to get dressed, he is there to see me. Change».

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Do you ever think you won’t grow old together?

Reinhold: “I can’t change our age difference. Then we’ll never be ready. But I know you can live without me.
Diane: “We’re so in love with our heads, our thoughts, the plans we have. I can’t live with someone who doesn’t agree with my thoughts.

talk about Gunther, Reinhold’s brother, died in June 1970 When descending from Nanga Parbat?

Reinhold: “Dates don’t matter to me, my brother is alive in me. And going back to Nanga Parbat with my other brothers is important, to show how things really happened. Every time I talk about Gunther, it’s like he’s by my side.
Diane: “I think I’m the closest person to Gunther when it comes to handling the Reinhold archive compared to other members of the family. I read his letters, look at his photos, it’s like I know him.

Are you fighting?

Reinhold: “Yes, of course. When he points out that someone is taking advantage of me. Then you are right ».
Diane: “The good thing is that ours is an equal relationship, always on the same level. It always gives me the impression that what I think or do is worth it ».

What is your favorite thing?

Reinhold: “For us, travel is work, but work is our life. But when we are relaxing at home, watching a detective movie on the sofa, that’s a good time. We want to take responsibility for being together ».
Diane: “Reinhold made me minestrone yesterday. I was sick, I had a fever, and I gave him the instructions, and he made it himself. It was delicious. Here, this is our happiness.”

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