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Little Carlton, from Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, died six days later in a coma. He loved playing pranks on his friends

Maybe He loved playing pranks on mom and dad or friends. He was crazy trying to look like those dinosaurs. Like all kids his age.

But that game proved dangerous for Carlton Noah Donaghy, a 5-year-old English boy from Gateshead, County Tyne and Wear in northeast England. He asked me to go to the bathroom. Back home, we were in the garden to get some sun: I did not see him coming back and I also went inside the house. But my little one was stuck on the floor, head and neck, with that nasty dinosaur-shaped inflatable balloon. He was not breathing. I immediately took it off, but I immediately saw: it was already cyanotic.

These are the ones Mother Lisa Donaghey, 43, said in local press: Already a mother of three other children: Caitlin, 25, Joe, 20, and Will, 15, last June 23, she found her child lying on the floor.

The child was in a coma for six days from June 23 to 28 and later died on June 29. The balloon was purchased a few days ago at The Hoppings amusement park, the largest tourist amusement park in Europe. It will arrive from Donaghy’s home in Newcastle-upon-Tyne at the end of June. The boy had gone there with his parents. Carl Donaghey, 35 years old. Carlton enjoyed that trip to The Hoppings: he was delighted by the roller coaster, Ferris wheel and water sports. But he didn’t hear anything. No desire. For this, we decided to gift him that crazy dinosaur shaped balloon.

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Carlton was lying on the ground when his mother found him. Through that helium balloon, whose inert gas he would have inhaled to the point of suffocation. Recovery was immediate. The family, in fact, immediately called an ambulance: but, considering the gravity of the case, it was decided to rescue the child by helicopter and take him to the Royal Victoria Hospital in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, where he was hospitalized for almost a week. In the intensive care unit.. Unfortunately, there was nothing he could do and on June 29 it was decided to disconnect the cars..

The cause of death – yet to be confirmed by the coroner – was asphyxiation.

A mother forever distraught by the death of her youngest son took to Facebook to warn of the damage that repeated helium inhalation can cause: Be careful, very dangerous. I want parents, grandparents, child care workers, students to be careful how they use and dispose of it.

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