A 31-year-old mother died along with her 5 children

A accident Inside Highway From the tragic number: seven died, including five children. The horrific accident occurred when the car driven by a 22-year-old youth collided with the highway. In the wrong direction And a 31-year-old mother with her five children, aged 5 and 13, and her husband, was hit by a mini-van. Both the vehicles then caught fire and all the occupants were unable to do anything.

Two sisters, Giulia and Alessia Pisanu, were hit by a train in Riccione: 17 and 15 years old, living in the province of Bologna.

Mechanics of the crash

The incident took place near Chicago around 2 am on Sunday morning. The victims were 22 years old Jennifer Fernandez, Driving in the wrong direction, mom Lauren Topos With five children: two 13-year-olds, one 7-year-old, one six-year-old and one five-year-old. The children’s father, who was driving the car, is in critical condition.

Condolences to the victims

The tragedy shocked the community of Owl Drive in Rolling Meadows, where the Topos family lived, and there are hundreds of obituary messages on social networks remembering the young woman who died: “You are a good mother”, friends and acquaintances write to her, as if those messages can ease all the pain caused by the sudden loss.

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