A 4-year-old girl who went missing in the air has been found alive three years later in a secret room at the bottom of the stairs.

Little Paisley Schultz, who went missing in 2019, was hidden in a secret room under the stairs of a house in New York, USA.

Four-year-old girl Disappeared in 2019 Police found that he was in good condition alive Hidden in a secret room under the stairs A house in upstate New York almost three years later. Little Paisley Schultz, whose name is, disappeared in the thin air in July 2019 from her foster parents’ home in Kayuka Heights, New York. Suspicion immediately fell on the biological parents who lost custody. The same house where it was found, no one could establish where it ended up. The turning point came in recent days when police received a tip that the house in Socrates in Ulster County was a hideout.

Despite the note and a surprise search, officers had to search the house for more than an hour, before which the little girl hid in a makeshift room under the stairs leading to a basement. The homeowner denied that he knew Schultz’s whereabouts, but authorities say a detective heard a blanket and something on the stairs before seeing the light. “However, officers had to remove several wooden steps before they could see the two feet,” said Socrates police in New York State. The baby was hidden with his biological mother in a cramped damp room and once pulled out He was taken to the hospital for examination and was found to be in good health. He was then handed over to the legal guardian and reunited with his older sister. His wife, partner and father were arrested and charged with interfering in the custody of a minor and endangering the child’s well-being.

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