A beach that appears to be made of rice is located in Sardinia. Discover this incredible wonder

Is Arutas is known as the “beach of rice grains” and is located in Sardinia. Here are all its unique features.

Arudas Sarthegna (Coast of Rice Grains): Where it is and information

It is no coincidence that one of the most beautiful, evocative and specific beaches in the world is located here. Italy; Talking about Ayia Arudas beachit will be called so “Coast of Rice Grains”.

there Arudas Beach Located in the area Oristano Inside the wondersSinis protected area It is about 13 kilometers away Cabras And, unlike any other beautiful Sardinia beachesThe coast is characterized by porphyritic granite instead of limestone.

Why is that? Arudas Renamed as D “Coast of Paddy Grains”.

there Arudas Beach It is made up of incredibly quartz grains, similar to grains of rice that take on amazingly unusual shades of pure white, pink and green.

Although the sea The intense blue and green color is a real sight and its depth, already a few meters deep from the shore, will be transparent, in short, you will see something truly unique.

Grains of quartz, in this case grains of rice, must be left in their place in the past. Arudas Beach It is removed in the true sense of the word and the danger of not being able to protect it is always constant.

To take away even a single quartz from this enchanting beach shows no respect for the beauty of the place and above all, nature.

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