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From Stefano Lorenzetto

Journalist Bndicte Lutaud, of Le Picaro As author of the first interview with a pope: Pope’s women, nurses and friends hidden in the Vatican

Cherchez la femme! The rule is that it is the French journalists who always interrupt the lives of the popes. This has been going on since the time of Leo XIII, who gave the first interview in history. It was published on August 4, 1892 Le Picaro
With the signature of Swerin, nicknamed Caroline’s Army: One Sunday, July 31, she was conversing with him for 70 minutes. When that happens, he works Figaro Bndicte Lutaud, recently in bookstores Women of the Popes
(Guerini and associates), a 280-page essay on the story of five women who have played key roles in the Vatican over the past 90 years. Like Pascalina Lehnert, she was nicknamed the Pope, Secretary, Housemaid and Nurse by the German nun Pius XII: in one of 20 photographs, the Pontifical archaeologist Ricardo Galliaci Lizzie was secretly taken and later sold. Paris matchYou can see the German nun who had been Eugenio Paselli’s assistant since 1917 and who had been with him until his death, sitting in agony near the patient’s bed in agony as he pushed the cannula of the oxygen cylinder into his mouth. The daughter of Christian Ludat, a 33-year-old literary professor and journalist at Sorbonne, was educated in Catholicism by her mother, Elizabeth, a speech therapist. He was away from the Church at the time of his master’s degree in journalism at the Parisian political research institute Sciences Powell. In 2014 he became close acquaintances. My life has gone without meaning. I tried to fill it with yoga, but I was ashamed to see the lessons when they imposed a religious mantra on the Buddha, Indian gods and Jesus. He had a son last year. He was baptized by the godly Timothy, the martyr of Ephesus, who was converted by St. Paul.

Strangely, his spying on the Pope’s women begins in a tomb.

S, from the Dutonic Cemetery in the Vatican. There is an ordinary stone, there is an epitaph in red letters: “Leban East Leib”, love of life. In short, one name, Hermin Spear, dates of birth and death, 1898 and 1989, and another word in German: “archeology”.


She is a woman, she is a foreigner, she is more Jewish than Catholic. Yet it was first employed at the Vatican. Although she died in Montreux, Switzerland, there are rare precedents of her being buried there. When three unmarried sisters, Rosa, Maria and Anna Sardo, who lived with Pius X, expressed their desire to stay at the Teutonic Cemetery near the Vatican Crotos where he was to be buried, he responded in colloquial: “Dose, xe mejo che e with your sea”. In fact they were buried in the rice next to the mother. Nello Vian, son of the Pope of Venice, says it all in the book Congratulations to an elderly priest.

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What’s special about Spear’s story?

Worked at the German Archaeological Institute in Rome. When Adolf Hitler came to power, his fate was sealed. His superior, Ludwig Curtius, sought the help of his friend Bartholomew Nogra, director of the Vatican Museums. Whoever talked about it with Pius XI, who defended it from that moment. The heir became Pius XII.

The archaeologist knows how to repay.

And how. He organized the photo archives of the Apostolic Library. He lost for centuries the head of one of the twelve horses that adorned the pediments of the Parthenon in Athens.

How did Sister Pascalina Lehnert become Pope?

Eugenio Passelli met Nancio of Munich in 1917, when she was 23 years old. She was proud and beautiful. He was impressed. The following year he hired her as his maid. She immediately showed that she knew how to do it, guarding the future pope from two Spartacus Bolsheviks, with handguns, entering the nuncier. Passelli lost his mother in 1920, with whom he became very close. He was detained in Germany but was unable to attend the funeral. He fell into depression. She, the nurse Pascalina, pulled it out.

Mom is more than sister.

He was promoted to Berlin as Nancio and brought her with him. Defensively, he lined up an assistant, a butler, a waitress, a cook, a driver and two sisters dedicated to household chores. Until the elder puts out a final warning: “Monsignor, you or we!”. Passelli chose her. Appointed Secretary of State for the Vatican, he took her with him to Italy.

She became the first and only woman in church history conference.

In 1939, Passelli Pius XII was released. For herAll out
It was not worth it: he had to give the drugs to the Cardinal Secretary.

So why did Abbott resign?

It has nothing to do with politics or the skirt. He created many enemies in many documents, causing left and right dissatisfaction in his difficult ways, certainly not harder than Pope Francis sometimes demonstrated. Many are jealous of Coleman’s influence over the clergy as his faithful adviser.

Remember the relationship between Karol Wojtyła and Polish psychiatrist Wanda Płtawska.

Of the five women I inquired of, she, now in her hundredth year, was the most interesting. The story of a friendship that lasted more than 50 years, is theirs. He was in John Paul II’s room at the Jemelie Polyclinic after the 1981 attack. Next to him in the Vatican he checked every medicine and prescribed natural remedies within 143 days of his recovery, slandering the cardinals, outraged. Because in the apostolic palace a stranger was walking with sandals. He was certainly in his bed when the Pope died, but his name was attacked from the official statement of St. Zion. Nothing New: The same thing happened to Sister Pascalina Lehnert and Sister Vincenza Taffarel, the governor and nurse of John Paul I. Only Secretary-General Don Diego Lorenzi and other men have been named in connection with the death of Pope Luciani.

Vozdila was the confession of Plovskaya.

He first understood the tragedy of this woman of Polish resistance who was deported to 19-year-old Ravensburg. For five years, Nazi doctors used her as a guinea pig in pseudo-scientific experiments, eventually causing permanent damage to her leg. Her desire to dedicate herself to the protection of the mentally ill and life arises from the horrors seen in the concentration camp, which haunted her: children born by prisoners were still thrown alive in crematoriums. On November 22, 1962, Płtawska was ready for bowel surgery to remove the cancer. From evening to morning the tumor disappeared by a miracle. The young mother of four had written a letter to her friend Carol Badre Pio begging to be saved.

The last three popes, though foreign, focused on Italian women.

Tekla Famiclity, the mother of Irfinia, who has been the abbey general of the Brigitte nuns for 37 years, is very powerful. John Paul II’s best ally in the field of diplomacy. He stole Fidel Castro’s permission to open a convent in Havana, and made possible the Pope’s historic visit to Cuba in 1988. Instead, Benedict XVI entrusted the task of founding and leading it. World Church Women, Monthly supplementRoman viewer, A Lucetta Scaraffia.

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Said the feminist of the Vatican.

He also wrote the preface to one of his books and was highly praised by Francesco for calling him on his cell phone.

There seems to be something broken between them.

Prima Scarfia published the article From the last counter, In which a woman is summoned to a synod about the family and describes her lunar experience when she is isolated in the back of the room. Until the Pope of Argentina defends it. But then the Vatican arose for its terrible accusations, well documented, the abuses committed by the clergy on religion, the frequent forced abortions and the reduction of non-paid staff to cardinals and bishops on nuns.

Did not the Holy Father rule in the Vatican?

No, order the Roman Curia.

Now criticizing with Scaraffia Bergoglio.

I met her. Very disappointed, I would say angry. But continue to love the Pope and the Church. Our stories are very similar. She, a former sixty-eight-year-old feminist, communist, atheist, and Buddhist trainer, accidentally entered Santa Maria in Trostver during a banquet to reclaim Madonna’s restored icon and returned to the faith, chanting slogans.Agadistos Byzantine; At Saint-Nicolas-des-Champs in Paris, on Ash Wednesday, I hear Paul’s words to the Corinthians: “Now is the opportune moment, now is the day of salvation.” It’s not just the words of a book: I understand that God speaks to me.

Will the woman come to the priest?

I do not think so. Two thousand years of divergent theology has made the Church hate women.

How do you interpret the legend of Pope John XXIII thriving in the 9th century?

A woman ascending the throne of Peter disguised as a man during a procession from the Vatican to the Lateran, with precisely the agonizing pain of seeing a child born in a public place. Therefore, the deacon’s solemn ceremony, responsible for confirming the presence of the newly elected pope’s sperm by means of a perforated chair: “Duos habet et bene pendentes”. The priests took their place on the pedestal. Rather they are sinners just like everyone else. Instead of looking at Mary Magdalene as the first witness to the resurrection of Christ, they see the woman as Eve.

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