According to Prince Andrew’s lawyers, the accused is suffering from “false memories” – syndrome.

From Paula de Carolis

Affected by the pedophile network of Jeffrey Epstein and Kislyn Maxwell, Virginia Gufrey accuses Prince Andrew of having sex with her three times: Elizabeth II’s son’s lawyers want to invite her husband and her psychologist to testify.

London – One of Andrea’s strategies Virginia Gufrey sued him Emerges False memoirs already used by Kisline Maxwell’s lawyersThe operation, which ended in the United States in December, failed. Judge Louis Kaplan, of New York, IThe deadline for the preparatory and trial phase is July 14: The names of witnesses whom both sides intend to consult have begun to leak out. Prince’s lawyers, asked Question to husband From Virginia, Robert Geoffrey, The financial aspect of their family life in Perth, Australia and the circumstances they encountered in Thailand. Duke’s lawyers want to ask the psychologist who treated the woman, Judith Lightfood. They argue that it is possible for Kiefre to suffer from misconceptions, and would like to question the expert about this possibility.

On the other hand, Gufrey’s team asked Andrea’s former aide, Robert Olney, to appear under the voice of the Duke of York in the now-famous black book Jeffrey Epstein, The agenda that entrepreneurs represent all of his acquaintances. Lawyers argue that there may be important information about the relationship between Prince and Epstein, As well as dates and venues for various meetings. Prosecutors also asked to hear Sukri Walker, a London woman who remembers seeing Andrea with a young woman on a night nomad. Geoffrey says at night that he was forced to have sex with Elizabeth’s son. The prince denies that he went to the nomad: he says he just spent the afternoon walking on the pizza express restaurant at the Pizza Express restaurant, and that his daughter Beatrice was invited to a birthday party and that she spent the whole evening at home. Family.

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He denies ever meeting Andrea Kiefrey (Who used the pronoun Roberts at the time) harassed her as well. Walker said he was ready to testify and had already spoken to the FBI As part of the investigation into Epstein, he committed suicide in prison in 2019. Another victim of Epstein and Maxwell confirmed at least partly the restoration of Kiefrey., Caroline Andriano, according to which Virginia sent her a message from London in 2001, revealing that she was going on a date with the Duke of York.

In addition, the guy who was dating Virginia at the time, Anthony Figueroa, who now works at a restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia, recalls being afraid of what Epstein and Maxwell wanted to do with Prince Andrew of Virginia at the time. There is no doubt that he was persecuted by the Lord of Virginia in 2001, When he was 17 years old. Duke of York, who He lost military positions and the ability to use his title of Royal Highness On the orders of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles, the heir to the throne, I will face this process as an ordinary citizen. He will probably have to accept legal costs as well. Security costs (The same formula that Prince Harry decided to leave the royal family with his wife Megan).

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