“Agreement in 10 days”, “Putin did not stop”. Negotiations for the recovery of Russian bodies

They are filmed in the evening Bombing About Kiev. The Ukrainian capital is preparing for a new night’s war, while the battlefield remains stable north of the center. Fighting is going on in other parts of the country as well. On the political side, the gaps seem to be opening up: the Ukrainian government has talked about a possibility Agreement Within ten days. The Ukrainians want to return the bodies of Russian soldiers.

Intensive tests in many parts of Ukraine

In addition to reports of explosions since the evening from the capital, tests have been reported in the Kharkiv region. The country’s second city has already been on fire from Russian air traffic for several days, with other explosions in the suburbs and surrounding villages in the past few hours.

Among these is Cossack Loban, where the mayor has condemned the use Cluster bombs And the deaths of at least six civilians. Other bombings were reported from the main city east of Kiev, Chernihiv.

Fighting has been intensifying here for several days more than in the surrounding areas. As for the Russians, it is important to strike here to secure any progress in the eastern part of the capital. Local officials said five people were killed in the blast in the afternoon. They are all members of a family unit: father, mother and three children.

Wind alarm sirens can be heard in many provinces of Ukraine. With some significant variations, the situation still seems stable today, but the country now fears a new wave of tests in the next hours of the night.

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Meanwhile, Kiev has condemned the abduction of another mayor. This is the first citizen Velykoburluts, A city in the hands of Russian soldiers for a few days. “Today we learn of the news that the Russians captured Viktor Nikolaevich Tereshchenko, the leader of the Velikobarlutska community. He was torn from his workplace and taken to the local police station. They have arrested him and will not release him.” It was to announce Ole SinihubovChairman of the Kharkiv Regional Administration.

Mariupol situation

The most affected environment in Ukraine is still there Like Mariupol. The port city has been under siege for several days and both the Russians and the pro-Russian Donetsk are advancing in some neighborhood north of the historic center.

The story of the bombing of the Municipal Theater, where 500 to a thousand people gathered in the basement to escape the danger of the raids, is even more focused. Shelters, some Ukrainian representatives said, had been detained and rescuers had already evacuated several survivors from the facility.

But the Controversy. Next to the theater were two signs indicating the presence of children in the Russian language. But the bombing still happened. The Ukrainians blame the Russians, but the latter announced yesterday that they had not conducted the test. From Italy, Culture Minister Dario Franceschini promised to rebuild the Rome Theater. From Kiev, Ukrainian President Zhelensky thanked the Italian Government Representative for his commitment: “Thanks to Tario Francis. You have set a good example to follow. Together we will rebuild the country to the last brick.”

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Meanwhile, from Russia they go so far as to say that “there was no Russian bombing at the Mariupol Theater, but rather hostages by Ukrainian nationalists.” Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzia made the remarks while addressing the United Nations Security Council. According to Nebenzia, the Azov battalion – considered a legitimate target by Russian forces – held people hostage in the theater, which the ambassador noted was “never targeted”. The ambassador later argued that Ukrainian forces were preparing Bloody provocation“He also accused the Western press of giving false information about what had happened.

Politics at the forefront

Negotiations between the Russians and the Ukrainians continue. Ukraine acknowledged that there were difficulties, but some representatives of the Kiev government today talked about “peace agreements that can be made within ten days”. Forecasts, looking closely at the situation on the field, are probably the most optimistic. However, there are connections between the other actors as well. There Turkey He invited Putin and Zhelensky to Ankara, and today Erdogan asked his fellow Russian president. US President tomorrow Joe Biden The Chinese co-asks Xi Jinping.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State from the United States Anthony Blingen He reiterated that the attack could be carried out by Russia with chemical weapons. “The United States has a strong sense that Russia can launch a false flag attack – he said. From what I see, both sides need to engage in good faith to minimize diplomatic expansion. And I do not see any sign that Putin is ready to stop.

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Recovering the bodies of Russian soldiers

Ukraine has asked the president of the International Committee of the Red Cross to act as a mediator with Russia. The bodies of Russian soldiers were killed. This was announced by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Irina Irina Vereshchuk for the reunification of the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. “Today, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Schmidt met with the President of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Peter Maurer. Attracted, their number has long exceeded 14,000, “Vareshchuk told a conference this evening. Vareshchuk said Ukraine had turned to Maurya, who was visiting Kiev, to try to “Russia to show respect for the dead soldiers and start negotiations to take them out of Ukrainian territory.”

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