October 1, 2019 Products

Alpine HC completes name transition to Opera Care as part of focus on care beds and pressure care mattresses

Over the last three years, the Opera range of care beds and pressure care mattresses has evolved to become a core product range for our two key marketplaces; Care Homes, and Care at Home. This focus has led to significant investment in product design and development and as the company’s expertise in care beds and pressure care has evolved, so too has the recognition and reputation of the Opera brand as a leader in beds and mattresses for the UK long term care sector.
We are therefore pleased to announce that Opera Care is now our trading name and brand identity.
We’re committed to continuing the success of Opera and look forward to building on our reputation as a leading supplier of care beds and pressure care products.
Frequently asked questions
• What has happened to the Alpine HC brand?
The legal company entity is still registered as Alpine HC Ltd but our trading identity is now Opera Care.

• Are there any other changes aside from the primary identity?
No, nothing else has changed. Our registration details, contact information, bank details, insurance cover and any existing relationships are just as before.

• How will this affect ongoing correspondence with the company?
The only element that changes in correspondence is that we will now refer to ourselves as Opera Care.

• Is the website address changing?
Yes. The new website address is opera-care.co.uk .com and the original web address will automatically redirect to this new address
We look forward to sharing with you new innovations and developments in the coming weeks. To keep in touch, please feel free to join our social channels where we will be providing regular updates
To find out more, please visit our website at opera-care.co.uk or call our team on 0333 222 8584.


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