Ambassador Jaso: “400 Italians trapped in Ukraine, some” – World

“The number of Italians in Ukraine was initially 2,000 and now they are 400. Many of them want to stay in Ukraine with their wives and children. Some are sadly trappedThey will not be able to leave the country. ” The fact that the Italian embassy still exists. Ukraine represents an important aspect of this, appreciated by the Ukrainian government, but also provides psychological support to existing Italians. ”

“Militarily speaking, Russia is superior. It may come in tanks in the center of Ukrainian cities, but the pro-Russian puppet regime cannot be established. There is a popular uprising even in the already captured cities,” he said. Said the ambassador. “Zhelensky has strong popular support, the struggle for independence is ongoing” and “there is a risk of an urban guerrilla war, which could turn into a discriminatory struggle in the future,” Ambassador Jaso said.

‚ÄúNegotiations initiated by Israel and Turkey have not yielded the expected results. This is not easy, because the negotiations between the Russians and the Ukrainians are asymmetrical. Zelensky has given his will to subjugate Donbass, Crimea, perhaps Mariupol, etc., and if he loses it, is willing to offer concessions in neutral, The real problem is militarizationBecause the Ukrainians do not believe, “said the ambassador.

“The bombing did not reach Lviv. We hope that the military increase will not come here. There is a lot of trepidation as the Russians surround the big cities. Life goes on almost normally at Lviv, but you feel the tension “, The ambassador said in connection with Liv, where he recalled, “there are only embassies in Italy and France in the major G7 countries”, “most of the others have gone to Poland”. “Putin can never accept the humiliation of a military defeat. Russian pride depends mainly on military power. I do not believe in world war because NATO does not want it, but this moment is very dangerous, “said Ambassador Jaso.

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