American basketball star Griner sentenced to 9 years in prison in Russia – Europe

American basketball star Brittney Griner was After being found guilty of drug trafficking by a Khimki court, he was sentenced to 9 years in prison, on the outskirts of Moscow. Considered one of the world’s best basketball players, she was arrested in February on drug charges after cannabis oil was found in her luggage when she arrived in Moscow. The 31-year-old American basketball player, a two-time Olympic champion with the United States, pleaded guilty but denied drug trafficking charges, saying he inadvertently brought the substance into Russia. Prosecutors say Griner knowingly hid the marijuana in his luggage.

Amidst the war in Ukraine and the conflict between Russia and the West, Britney Kreiner’s story takes on geopolitical dimensions, as Moscow and Washington discuss a possible prisoner exchange: a stock exchange of an American basketball champion. The United States is seeking the release of Griner and another American citizen, Paul Whelan, who is being held in Russia.

“They call me a political soldier, but I believe that politics is outside this courtroom,” Champion said during the trial, pleading with judges “not to end his life” in a final appeal before sentencing in Russia. . “I made a mistake in good faith and I had no intention of breaking the law,” he told the Khimki court. Appearing behind bars, the handcuffed basketball player asked, “I’m sorry to my team, to my family. I don’t want to hurt anybody. I’m just going back to them.”

Brittney Greiner was “unfairly held by Russia. This is unacceptable and I call on Russia to release it immediately“Joe Biden comments on conviction of basketball star by Russian court.

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