Anatolij Chubais resigned, becoming deputy chief of

The first crack in Putin’s entourage after the invasion of Ukraine. Subais has the highest ranking among those who broke with Jar: he has already left Russia

The Kremlin defines it as the most important person who took a stand against special military action in Ukraine. Anatolij Chubais, former dolphin of former President Boris YeltsinThe father of the great privatization of the 1990s, Vladimir Putin, has decided to step down as his representative. And Leave Russia so as not to return, According to information provided by at least one person close to him. After many prestigious positions, Subais was the President’s Special Representative for International Organizations.

The task he should have To repair relations between the Kremlin and most of the countries in these organizations. His resignation at the moment appears to be sensational and could lead to other glorious shortcomings in Putin’s camp. Certainly not among the so-called SilovicI.e. men coming from limited force ministries, viz Security, Interior and Secret Services. At the beginning of Putin’s first presidency, he may have replaced the remnants of the camp of liberals and reformers who supported him at the turn of the new century.

Subais was the Deputy Chief Minister And Chairman of the Presidential Administration with Boris Yeltsin. In view of the 1996 elections, it appeared that the Communists would be revived and win the presidential election. Plan to get the support of oligarchyThat means confirming Yeltsin’s re-election. Alternatively, the government had to sell some of its most important companies at selling prices. What the Kremlin critics called it The robbery of the century. Together with Putin, he took over the leadership of Rusnano, the organization for the Rao Use National Electric Grid and Nanotechnology. Finally, Putin’s representative.

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March 23, 2022 (Change March 23, 2022 | 15:35)

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