February 14, 2020 News

ARCO issues challenge to new Ministers


ARCO, the body representing providers of housing with care for older people, has welcomed Christopher Pincher as Housing Minister and Helen Whately as Care Minister and called on them not to miss out on the golden opportunity which the sector offers both departments if action is taken now.
Operators of Housing with Care, known as Retirement Communities, are set over the next decade to £40bn, creating a £70bn sector and saving the health and social care systems £5.6bn. They aim to provide for at least 250,000 people, freeing up housing for 562,500 people.
They represent both the fastest growing providers of social care in the UK and the overwhelming majority of all specialist housing for older people which is planned in the years ahead. To ensure that this happens and to accelerate growth the sector is calling for sector specific regulation.
Michael Voges, Executive Director of ARCO said:
“We are delighted to welcome Christopher Pincher and Helen Whately to their roles and wish them every success.
“One of the biggest opportunities open to both Ministers is to work with our sector and consumer champions to ensure that as Retirement Communities develop we can play the biggest possible role in housing and social care.
“If our Ministers are up to the challenge they can unleash a revolution in provision which will benefit hundreds of thousands of people.
“Our sector stands ready to work with them to achieve this. Let’s not let this opportunity go to waste.”


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