Attack in Kiev during the arrival of Guterres in Ukraine. Missiles fired at Odessa destroyed by anti-aircraft – world

Russian missiles hit the area near the center of Kiev. Police, army and at least two ambulances rushed to the scene. ANSA discovered this on the spot. “Russia attacked Kiev with naval missiles just as UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and Bulgarian Prime Minister Grill Petkov visited our capital.

Ukrainian anti-aircraft plane shot down three Russian missiles in the Odessa region. This was stated by the head of the regional administration Maxim Marchenko in the Telegram. Smoke billows from the sky over the city.

A U.S. defense official told a news conference that the United States had seen some Russian troops leaving the city of Mariupol, although it had not yet been captured. According to the Pentagon estimates, Moscow troops are moving south from the southwest toward Saporizia. “The conflict in Ukraine will last for several months or more,” said a senior Biden administration official, stressing that the war would continue to test the unity of the United States and its allies and “our general commitment to providing Ukraine.” We have to win. “

Ukrainian justice has identified “More than 8,000 cases” of suspected Russian war crimes Kiev Attorney General Irina Venedikova said in an interview with Deutsche Welle.

Has been “The Army field hospital located at the Azovstal steel plant was bombed: There are deaths and new injuries “, reported in the Telegram – Ukrinform quoted – soldiers of the Azov battalion released a few seconds video of soldiers lying under the rubble, seeking first aid.” The operating room was destroyed. They continue to bomb – soldiers still write – but the Geneva Conference Hospital guarantees the safety of medical institutions and must provide the necessary assistance to the wounded without any discrimination. “

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We have the message One British citizen was killed and another is missing in Ukraine, Says a spokesman for the Foreign Office. According to Sky News, the two volunteers have joined Ukrainian forces to fight the Russians, but there is no official confirmation.

Guterres’ trip to Ukraine – “When I see these buildings destroyed by the war, I imagine my family, my granddaughter panicking and running. This destruction is unacceptable in the 21st century“. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in Porodianka, one of the cities most affected by the Russian invasion, stood on the main street, in front of 10 partially collapsed 10-story buildings. “War does not end with meetings. The war will end when the Russian Federation comes to an end After the ceasefire, there is always the possibility of a serious political agreement, ”Guterres said.

“Life is slowly returning to normal, but now the most serious problem is the mines. Another 22,000 ammunition left by Russians in the Kiev area. This is a big job.” This was stated by General Oleksandr Pavliuk, head of the Kiev regional military administration, with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who visited the most devastated cities in the northwestern Ukrainian capital, Borodianka, Pucha and Irfin. March last year. General Oleksandr Pavliuk said, “What General Secretary Guterres saw here is incomparable to what is happening in the Lukansk and Donetsk regions.”

The risk of a missile attack from the southeast to the Black Sea to Lviv was thwarted by Ukrainian air defense.
. According to The Guardian, Lviv (Lviv) Governor Maxim Kozitsky announced this on Twitter. The governor writes that an air alert was triggered in the area because of the “threat”. But now the situation is “calm,” he added. Kozitsky said police had so far handled 1,568 complaints about suspicious persons and objects, according to the English daily’s website.

The Ukrainian judiciary has identified “more than 8,000 cases” of suspected Russian war crimes, Kiev Attorney General Irina Venedikova told Deutsche Welle.

New sanctions for Russia coming soonRussia uses not only gas but also trade relations in general as a weapon. This was underlined by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky In his regular nightly news, the BBC reported. In particular, Zelensky believes that the decision to reduce gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria makes it clear that “no one in Europe can maintain normal economic cooperation with Russia.” The Ukrainian president later noted: “Russia views not only gas, but every trade relationship as a weapon”, and stressed: Russia “targets a united Europe”. The European Union is preparing a sixth embargo against Russia The invasion of Ukraine is set to begin this week, including a gradual shutdown of Russian oil. Allegations of alleged war crimes continue to be exchanged between Moscow and Kiev And the United States has condemned the Russian military’s new abuses and is preparing to provide more aid to Ukraine over the next five months. Yesterday, President Sergio Materella, speaking at the Council of Europe, already revealed Italy yes to new sanctionsRather than tests of strength between major powers, it calls for a search for peace through dialogue Prime Minister Drake is set to meet with US President Joe Biden on May 10 We need to strengthen the alliance.

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The United States has said it has received “credible information” that Russian troops had executed Ukrainians who wanted to surrender near Donetsk. Moscow has retaliated with one of its ambassadors to the UN, alleging that Ukrainians tortured prisoners at a torture center in Mariupol, known as the “Library”.

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