February 24, 2020 Property

avery tops out on three brand new services

Avery Healthcare’s exciting build programme continues apace for 2020, with three brand new services opening this Summer and Autumn.

As a mark of the progress of the builds they have celebrated the ‘topping out’, a practice that can be traced to the ancient Scandinavian religious rite of placing a branch of a tree atop a new building, to appease the tree-dwelling spirits displaced in its construction. Long an important component of timber frame building, it then migrated to the United Kingdom, Northern Europe, and the Americas. In masonry construction the rite celebrates the bedding of the last block, brick or roof tile and the practice remains common, with the main contractor and trades teams along with the owner or operator of the building celebrating together as the construction reaches this important milestone.

In recent weeks Avery have ‘topped out’ new developments in Droitwich in the West Midlands, Edenbridge in Kent, and Kettering in Northants. Celebrating with the relevant main contractors at each site (in order, Halsall, Jenner and NATTA Construction), we also welcomed the local Mayor from each town as well as Avery’s Ambassador, Ms Sherrie Hewson.

Adrian Doyle, Avery Healthcare’s Director of Developments said, “All three projects are progressing to time and budget. They are all complex builds which have become even more challenging due to the wet weather in recent months. Our contractors have endeavoured to mitigate and manage the challenges the projects present, and Avery look forward to the timely completion of the construction works so that Droitwich Mews, Edenbridge Manor and Avery Park can be commissioned and welcome their first residents.”
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