Baltic countries block gas imports from Russia

03 April 2022 08:43

Lithuania is the first EU country to block supplies from Moscow and calls on others to follow its example: “If we can do it – its leader writes on Twitter – the rest of Europe can do the same”

Lithuanian President Kidanas Nouseta has called on other EU countries on Twitter to follow the example of the Baltic states.

This decision is explained by a press release from the Lithuanian Ministry of Energy: “Russia seeks full energy independence from gas and

The Russian energy threat in Europe and the response to the war in Ukraine

– Reads – Lithuania abandons Russian gas altogether: Lithuanian gas transportation system has been operating without Russian gas imports since the beginning of this month ”.

This was stated by the Minister of Energy Danius Gravis

This is a turning point in the history of energy freedom

From Lithuania:

“We are the first EU country to guarantee independence from Gosprom supplier countries

From Russian gas supply, and is the result of consistent long-term cooperation in the field of timely decisions on energy policy and infrastructure.

Data provided by the operator of the Lithuanian Gas Transfer System, Amber Grid, show that Russian imports of gas to meet Lithuania’s requirements through connection with Belarus are 0 MW. All Lithuanian gas demand is met by the Glypeda liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal.

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