“Battle for Donbass begins”

The war of Vladimir Putin Kills, destroys and mocks the enemy. There is no respect for weapons because the victims are mostly civilians. He was shot in the head, hands tied behind his back, and thrown into mass graves, with a medal for the sniper. The latest insult to the Russian president is the recognition given to the ward புச்சா, Accused of war crimes prosecuted by Ukrainian prosecutor General Irina Venedikova: the rank of “guard” was awarded to the 64th Motorized Rifle Regiment. A clear provocative decision provoked by the Kremlin for “the mass bravery, courage and strength shown by the military in combat operations to protect the interests of the homeland and the state.” Activities related to launching missiles at cities. Now that the Russians are moving east, Lugansk Governor Sergei Guido says the attack has “begun and it’s hell”, referring to what is known as the 2nd phase of the Russian offensive.

Assistance to Russian and Italian companies: Support up to 400 thousand euros on the basis of loss of revenue


Aerial warnings have been issued in all parts of the country. Yesterday the target was Lviv, with at least seven people dead and eleven injured, including a three-year-old child. “Artem fled Kharkiv with his mother – says Mayor Andriy Sadovyi – the youngest victim is in his thirties. Today we see genocide, a planned act of genocide killing people. For minutes it sounded like, “The Russians fired four rockets, three of which hit warehouses and a garage,” said Maxim Kozitsky, the region’s governor. There is. Because we? We do not understand why all this, Myroslava is frustrated. Russian attacks also attacked a train station near the city, which Fr Taras Zheplinskyi explains, “an important point in this part of Ukraine: refugees from the north and east are arriving in Europe.” Preventing arms from coming to Ukraine from the West is, like many infrastructures, a center that the Russians consider above all a strategic objective.

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Go for the attack

Beyond the missile strikes in the capital and the west, the center of gravity of the war has shifted to the east. The Kremlin captured in the Lukansk region: “They shot and killed four people, and now they have control of the city. It is impossible to evacuate civilians,” Sergei Guido said in a telegram. We can now say that the war for the Donbass has begun, for which they have been preparing for some time. Much of the Russian military is now dedicated to the offensive, ”said Volodymyr Zhelensky, who called on the West to arms, defining any delays in supplies as” allowing Russia to kill. ” Sources in the Pentagon report that the invading army was moving “heavy artillery and aircraft” to the east and that the Kremlin’s defense ministry spokesman Colonel Olexander Motusyanik were confirming: “Russian forces have finished trooping in view of the attack.”

Lukansk officials urged residents to evacuate the southeast immediately: “Next week could be difficult. This may be the last moment to save you, ”warns Kaidoi. Meanwhile, the invaders did not loosen their grip on Mariupol. “The war continues. The enemy is attacking the port, ”said a daily statement issued by Ukrainian civil servants. The siege is increasingly tight, with bombings of Azovstal steel mills and underground shelters, where officials say there are at least a thousand civilians. Mariupol is starving, but tries to resist. 20% of the city is still ours, ”the deputy mayor said. The Azov Battalion begins the video of the fight on social media: “Mariupol’s defense continues. Despite the large forces of the enemy, the fighters of the Azov regiment are fighting again.

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Missing children

The Russians’ attitude to Mariupol was “accepted in Chechnya in 1999 and in Syria in 2016: most of the infrastructure was destroyed and there are many victims among the residents”, according to a recent British intelligence report. Speaking on behalf of all, Major Sergei Volina of the Navy wrote a letter to Pope Francis saying, “Save the weary people, the time has come for prayers alone.” The human rights group’s warning that Russian soldiers have forcibly taken 150 children from Mariupol, 100 of them hospitalized, most of them from their parents, comes from the Crimea.

“They were transferred to the military-occupied Donetsk and Dagan Rock in Russia,” says Olha Skripnik, president of the association. Pedro Andriyushchenko, adviser to the mayor of the city of Mariupol, said “some of the abducted children have lost their parents in the bombings, but there are security guards in areas not yet occupied or are under state protection.” The orphans, on the other hand, were evacuated from Mariupol between February 24 and 25, along with city agency employees.
President Gelensky’s accusations that 5,000 children have been “deported” from the Mariupol region to Russia since the beginning of the invasion have been met with caution by volunteers. “They are not allowed to go to Ukraine’s free zones: where are those children? No one knows,” he said. Personally, like thousands of my fellow citizens, I hate those who tortured and killed the peaceful people of this place.

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