Belgorod and the “radioactive tsunami”. Putin’s ace hole

After all, by sea, Russia is very dangerous: if the alarm in Kiev two days ago went to about twenty military ships in the Black Sea, they had nothing, including missile submarines to launch an attack from the water. Before K-329 BelgorodVery powerful Nuclear submarine Built over the last 30 years, it is practically the most destructive in the world. It is another weapon for the military Vladimir Putin This, by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov, He said, that the danger of nuclear war was far from a far-fetched hypothesis. And nuclear power is not only based on land-based power plants, but also by sea.

Properties of Belgorot

The K-329 Belgorod is a modified version of a Russian nuclear submarine called the “Oscar II” by NATO. It was originally established as a missile submarine, but was later redesigned and used to rebuild as an operational means. Special And capable of operating unmanned underwater vehicles. According to the Ministry of Defense, its construction was halted due to long-term financial shortages and then became Russia’s first fifth-generation submarine at a low progress rate. The K-329 Belgorod, with the Poseidon underwater drone, is one of the latest weapons systems that Putin delivered on March 1, 2018, during his annual speech. The underwater vehicle can travel up to 10,000 km, can dive to depths of up to 1,000 meters and is designed to deliver nuclear weapons to destroy coastal infrastructure as a nuclear attack option.

Six nuclear weapons at once

According to the Russian state news agency TaxBelgorod submarines can carry up to six Poseidons at a time: as we saw on “Autonomous torpedo a Motivation Nuclear power between continents“Or, more simply, a nuclear submarine drone with a large torpedo that can destroy coastal cities in no time. AmbassadorMoreover, it is 180 meters long, has two nuclear reactors as impulse and can reach speeds of more than 30 days. Belgorod also has the capability to have other small nuclear submarines built for missions in the depths of the ocean.

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Putin’s maritime threat

The transfer of the Belgorod nuclear submarine to the Navy is scheduled for the summer of 2022“, He writes Tax. In short, these monsters of the sea will soon be in the water: what if the war continues for other months? Of course, the Russian army could return Threaten Ukraine and Western countries with this “ace” technology, if necessary. That is why, in a very short period of time, it is necessary to achieve one Negotiation This submarine will always avoid misuse in the waters of the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. However, Poseidon already has the potential to destroy large port cities of fundamental importance to industry and commerce.

A possible eruption would wipe out the waters of the Black Sea and submerge cities in southern Ukraine with very high waves, capable of destroying what they encounter in their path. How is that possible? Simple, the shock wave coming from a nuclear explosion can easily create one Tsunami In tremendous proportions. Many experts believe the waves are ten meters high, the height of entire buildings, and can knock anything to the ground. When we study Courier, A “radioactive” tsunami would form, ready to bury an entire metropolis and the entire surrounding area. What’s even more tragic is that it can’t be detected by satellites and, as a result, people can’t be alerted in a timely manner.Ensures slow and unavoidable risky feesHI Sutton, one of the most experienced submarines, explained Hidden Beaches.

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