Berlin also sends anti-tank weapons and missiles to Kiev, Italy and France

Breakthrough in Berlin

After receiving Polish Prime Minister Moravici and Lithuanian President Nouseda at the Presidential Palace on Saturday, pressure on the German Chancellor grew significantly. In particular, it was the Warsaw leader who gave the Germans “selfishness” and defined a “joke” in front of the press, with the Ukrainians being given 5,000 helmets, as announced by Germany in recent weeks. According to Poland, the trio’s goal is to “shake their conscience” in Berlin.

Scholes’ Historical Text: Investing 2% of GDP in Security

Olaf Scholz immediately delivered a historic speech to the Bundestag, announcing extraordinary changes that would mark an unprecedented shift in foreign policy and national security: Berlin will allocate $ 100 billion to strengthen the Bundeswehr, and “from now on, annually, it will make up 2% of its GDP.” More than that will invest in security.

Rome: “Ready to contribute with 3,400 men”

Belgium will ship 2,000 machine guns and 3,800 tons of fuel, while new Italian aid, including the military, will arrive in the next few days. The government will send other Eurofighter military aircraft to the east and support the security of the Ukrainian people by providing security equipment and supplies such as helmets, flag jackets and bomb detectors. Ready, Premier Drake announced that he was speaking to the council, “with about 1,400 men and women from the Army, Navy and Air Force, and an additional 2,000 soldiers.”

The Paris result is pending

Similar efforts are expected from French President Emmanuel Macron, according to which “this war will last a very long time.” It is no coincidence that today EU foreign ministers meet precisely to assess the implementation of the European peace facility: fundamentally the finances and equipment for Kiev’s security. “We will facilitate the provision of military assistance, and democratic Ukraine will prevail,” European Council President Charles Michel announced in a tweet.

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From $ 350 million in military aid Estonia was able to ship old howitzers purchased in the past from Germany. The Tallinn government, along with other Baltic states, decided to close the airspace to Russian companies and asked other European countries to do the same. The goods come in addition to the additional $ 350 million in US military aid announced by US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen.

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