Biden in Zhelensky, the definitive possibility of an invasion in February – Europe

The United States will soon send troops to NATO Eastern Europe. When asked about Ukraine, US President Joe Biden responded to reporters who accompanied him. The deployment of a small number of troops to Eastern Europe “in a short period of time” comes in the wake of growing fears of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. “I will send troops to NATO countries in Eastern Europe in a short time, not many.” The Pentagon has warned of the possibility of deploying 8,500 troops to NATO countries in Eastern Europe.

In a phone call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky, Joe Biden said that “there is a real possibility that the Russians will invade Ukraine in February”: National Security Council spokeswoman Emily Horn. The latter recalled that Biden had said it “in general” and that management had “warned about it in January”.

The Pentagon has warned that some sections of 8,500 people in Eastern Europe will be on alert if Russia invades Ukraine. These include components for the 82nd Aeronautical Division and the 18th Airborne Corps, both located in Fort Brock, North Carolina, according to spokesman John Kirby. There are components from the 101st Aerial Division from Fort Campbell, Kentucky, and components from the 4th Infantry Division from Fort Carson, Colorado. These include Davis-Montan Air Base, Arizona, Ford Hood, Texas, Louis-McCord Air Base, Washington, Ford Polk, Louisiana, Robbins Air Base, Georgia, Ford Stewart, Georgia, and Wright-Patterson Air Base. The mobilized units include medicine, aircraft, logistics and combat support. Most of the alerted troops are dedicated to NATO’s rapid response force.

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The head of Russian diplomacy, Sergei LavrovSaid today Moscow wants “respectable” relations with Washington, Underscores the importance of obtaining concrete guarantees for Russia’s security in the context of the Ukrainian crisis. “We want good, fair, respectful and equal relations with the United States like any other country in the world,” Lavrov said in an interview with Russian television, but stressed that Russia “does not want to be in this situation.” (His) security is usually violated. “Lavrov then spoke of the expansion of the Atlantic alliance to the east, recalling that” every time, the line to protect (NATO nations) moves further east “and” now it is already approaching ‘Ukraine’ “. The Russian Foreign Minister announced that Moscow would soon send an official request to NATO countries and the Organization for Defense and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), urging them to indicate how they want to implement their commitment not to strengthen their security. The cost of others “.

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