Biden: “My words about Putin? Not portrayed, mine is anger.” It launches the arms race: 813 billion for military spending, + 4% a year

Except for an ace, except for an accident. Sen’s voice did not escape either. President of the United States Joe Biden What he said about the Russian president he “did not withdraw anything” Vladimir Putin. “A ButcherThe US President said on Saturday that a dictator who seeks to rebuild an empire is “strangling democracy” and “who can not be in power”. White House An embarrassing reversal, especially at the so-called “regime change” point. Today Biden, in response to reporters, insists he does not want to withdraw anything because at the time he only expressed “the anger I felt before this man”, which is a personal opinion – he mentions – “I do not mention regime change politics”. To those who asked him if he cared that Putin could take his comments about him as an extension, the US president replied: “I do not care what he thinks. He will do what he has to do.” And because – to Biden – Putin can not be affected by “any external events” and his comments will not complicate diplomacy in resolving the conflict in Ukraine.

Of course, Biden opens up the possibility of a meeting with Putin from another perspective. To the innumerable question of journalists about the possibility An interview with the leader of the KremlinIn fact, the US president responded: “It depends on the topic you want to talk about.” But Biden reiterated, “If Russia uses Chemical weapons There will be a significant answer. “Yes, but what is the answer? They asked him:” I will not tell you for sure, I would be foolish. ” He reiterates that he is not worried.

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Biden pulled straight despite the warningUN Who asked today? “Military expansion And rhetoric ”and appeal China “For Conversation And Negotiation“.” The only right way to solve the Ukrainian problem To encourage speeches The war must end without further escalation, “said a spokesman for the Beijing Foreign Ministry. Wang வெண்பின். President of France yesterday Emmanuel MacronWho is the only European leader who has a more direct path with Putin, who has distanced himself from the words of the American president, “”Fuel for the increase of words and actions“.

Biden’s statements come on the day of the resumption Re-arm racing In the wake of the US-Russian invasion of Ukraine, this calls into question the structure of global security. He is preparing to oppose the KremlinArcticJoe Biden has proposed a $ 5,800 billion budget for Congress for 2023, starting with existing astronomy for military spending, with record investments in defense: $ 813.3 billion, An increase of 31 billion (4%) over the previous year. Includes funding $ 4.1 billion To do research and development Security capability, Nearly 5 billion For an organization Missile warning To identify global threats and nearly 2 billion a New anti-missile shield To protect the United States from the threat of Ballistic launches Off North Korea And Iran. In addition to the $ 1 billion aid to Ukraine, NATO is expected to receive $ 6.9 billion. A signal to Atlantic overseas allies it sought to reach after the Russian invasion Military spending is 2% of GDPIncluding countries that were initially very reluctant such as Germany And Italy. “I propose that – Biden – one of the largest investments in the history of our national security – with the necessary funds to ensure that our military is the best prepared, trained and armed in the world.

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At the same time, as New York TimesThe White House has decided to take a more aggressive stance, even militarily in the Arctic, to curb Russian expansion in the region, which promises to melt the ice caused by climate change to open new trade routes and achieve massive reserves of hydrocarbons. கடற்பரப்பு. This is why March was a mission, the first of its kind, with About 8 thousand soldiers Parachutes nearby FairbanksIn AlaskaManagement is also investing hundreds of millions of dollars in expansion Noam PortIt can develop into a deep water hub Coast Guard And the gods Army ships Runs in the Arctic Circle. All three icebreakers are expected here soon, but this front has a bad advantage for Moscow 50 ice breakers Active. After all, the Kremlin long ago began militarizing the Arctic, renovating Soviet-era airports and radar installations, creating new ports, bases and research centers, and strengthening the fleet of nuclear and conventional propulsion icebreakers. However, it is now after two decades of “distraction” from the wars Iraq And AfghanistanAs the Pentagon’s new plan puts it, the United States wants to “regain Arctic dominance,” which is already beginning to change. Alaska Dozens F35.

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