Biden to allies, continue support for Ukraine. Moscow blames the West: with weapons it wants to prolong hostility – to the world

The US president and allies discussed “continued support for Ukraine and efforts to finance Russia’s actions.” The White House said the video call lasted more than an hour. Biden also spoke of new sanctions against Moscow, which could be announced in the coming days in coordination with allies. The US President also stressed the need for all allies to continue to supply arms to Kiev in the face of Russian aggression in the East.

“We discussed with the US President and partners the more coordinated response to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, and the need for humanitarian, financial and military assistance. EU Council President Charles Michael wrote on Twitter.

Russian President Vladimir Putin “Responsible” for “war crimes” in Ukraine: Says German Chancellor Olaf Scholes.

“Good meeting with US president and leaders in the face of Russia’s latest offensive in the Donbass region. We have warned. We agree to impose additional costs on the Kremlin and continue our support for Ukraine. President Putin must end the war immediately.” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg wrote on Twitter.

Biden, from the Oval Office, Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada; , Polish President Andrzej Duda, Romanian President Klaus Ihanis and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Meanwhile, a serious indictment is coming from Moscow against the West. To Moscow Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, Western nations are doing “everything to prolong hostility” in Ukraine.

Shoiku, quoted by the Guardian, said the volume of foreign arms supplies to Ukraine “clearly shows” the intentions of the West “to overthrow the Kiev regime.” Shoiku, 66, aired on the Russian state-run television channel Rossiya 24, which said the defense minister was talking to an advisory panel with the country’s top military officials in Moscow. It is unclear whether the match was pre-recorded or broadcast live. If confirmed, this is Shoiku’s first public appearance after rumors that the security owner has health issues.

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On the Diplomatic Front, The White House has announced that US President Joe Biden will hold a video conference with his allies and partners on the Ukrainian crisis this afternoon (3.45 pm Italian time).. After Kiev’s call to see with our own eyes that we are facing genocide, not war, French President Emmanuel Macron says he will return to the country in battle, but will bring something useful: “Show my support, I do not need to go there,” he added. And “If I go to Kiev, it must make a difference”.

Meanwhile, Beijing says it will continue to increase “strategic coordination” with Moscow Regardless of international instability. In essence, it reaffirms its “borderless friendship” with the Russians, as noted on February 4 by Presidents Xi Jinping and Putin.

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