Big League Association: Cardinals ask Gorman and Liberator to renew the list after the late loss against the Mets | St. Louis Cardinals

NEW YORK – The Cardinals wasted no time Thursday sifting through the rubble of losing extra rounds at Citi Field before putting the pieces together to give them an exciting new look.

The New York Mets had yet to stop celebrating their 7-6 win in the 10th inning when the Cardinals’ management began revamping the roster in the middle of a road trip. The Visiting Club remained closed to anyone but team officials for 10 minutes, 15 minutes and 26 minutes after the final exit – not because the current team was told after a bad streak in Queens, but was added to it overnight.

Nolan Gorman and Matthew Liberator, the Cardinals’ best friends since childhood in Arizona, will join the club in Pittsburgh for their early start in the league. Liberatore, a left-winger and one of the top potential players in the minors, will start Saturday at PNC Park. Gorman, the game’s leading potential player with a top 15 player in Triple A, will take charge at second base on Friday.

“We have a need,” said Director Oliver Marmol. “So, he’s coming to fill it up.”

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Further changes may follow.

For the second game in a row, the short start and extra extended innings left exposed and then crashed. After allowing nine runs to lose on Wednesday, the Cardinals lost a lead in the fifth and tenth inning. Harrison Badr Cardinal ran back into the game with a steal in the ninth minute and scored to tie the match, 5-5, at Paul Goldschmidt’s RBI fourth. On the last swing of his career during a regular-season game at Queens, Albert Pujols expanded his Major League record to root to double plays, but that’s Corey Dickerson’s record to give the Cardinals 6-5 as Giovanni Gallegos came close to catching him. . Spoiler: He didn’t.

Francisco Lindor Mets Shortstop had barely made it to second base as the free sprinter at the start of the 10th inning when he headed home in the first leg to Pete Alonso for the third time.

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“We have to go deeper into gaming,” Marmol said of his beginnings. “The rhythm of the match wasn’t really fun to be honest with you. It was slow. We have to be involved in our defense a little bit more and frankly there will be some reshuffle for these bulls to see who can get out.”

The Cardinals had begun preparing for a possible Liberator start on Saturday since rain forced a double header at Citi Field last Tuesday. While he’s been on the move for weeks due to his strong showing in Class AAA Memphis, the decision to promote Gorman came quickly on Thursday.

Left pitcher Tyler O’Neill has been experiencing pain in his right shoulder, had trouble playing Thursday morning with coach Willie McGee, and was diagnosed with an obstruction in his arm. The Cardinals put him on the injured list for 10 days and sent him back to St. Louis for examination by team doctors. An additional benefit of break time in the active menu is the use of bats in the palace for O’Neill in the rehab mission.

So leave the cardinals with a slot for the racket.

They confessed for weeks to search for a bat.

“Just what we need,” said junior Juan Ypez, who delivered Thursday and teamed up with Gorman for a resounding start to the season with the Triple-A Redbirds. “He’s a great teammate. A great hitter too. That left-wing force. He’d be good for us.”

The 19th Cardinal’s overall pick in 2018, Gorman overcame any concerns about his sluggish spring training with 15 teammates, averaging 308, 677 lags and 1,044 OPS in the first 34 games of the Memphis season. He had three games in a row this week, and was vying with Moises Gomez’s Cardinals Class AA player for the top spot in the Homers minor league. Gomez advances with 17.

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The Cardinal was reluctant to push Gorman, 22, to the majors too soon, too quickly due to his novelty at second base and adapting to the pace of the game for a gold-encrusted defense. The club also wanted to see a drop in strike rate – 50 in its first 133 goals this year.

“He will be in the squad,” Marmol said. “He will get here and show what he can do. He’s been working hard to reduce the blows. It’s something he’s aware of, and we’re aware of it. (It has been working) at it so well. There is still a lot of contact and driving the ball.”

Tommy Edman, the second baseman to win the Golden Glove, will slide a short distance to make way for Gorman. Cardinals put Jack Flaherty on the 60-day handicap list, clearing a place on Gorman’s 40-player roster.

The transfer of the list to the Liberatore will come on Saturday, and that may be telling.

The Cardinals have lost three of their four games to the Mets this season, and in the last two games the starter hasn’t completed the fifth game. This puts quicksand under the trash—and the more painkillers are kicked and delivered, the more they sink. Kick off Wednesday’s game early because Jake Walsh didn’t retire due to batting, Nick Wittgren allowed the three runners he inherited to score and beat a tie. On Wednesday, Wittgren relieved Dakota Hudson in the fifth inning, inherited a run, and then let in three runs that turned the game on the Cardinals. Hudson allowed two runs in the first inning, needed 30 runs to get three, and pushed with little enthusiasm. Marmol noted that the pace of the match was boring for the defense as well.

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“You have to be faster and faster to make adjustments,” Hudson said. “Faster to get in the rhythm.”

Speed ​​and partial rolled down the hill like a snowball, sticky stuff and scale gathered, and the bulls couldn’t help but toss it.

The Bullpen allowed the Cardinals 12 rounds, five of them from left-hand TJ McFarland, in the final round of 8 1/3 of the series held. The Mets Bullpen allowed six runs in 16 runs during the series.

“We just have to get there and McFarland and Wittgren – get the globe,” Marmol said. “That’s why they are here. A bit of a hard run at that. They need to get back to doing that.”

The Liberatore could be a part of that.

The double header on Tuesday let the Cardinals rewrite the schedule to keep starters Steven Matz and Miles Mikulas at ease. This created a vacancy for Saturday – and an opportunity for the left-handed. Liberatore, 22, has a 3.83 ERA in seven starts in Memphis. In three of his past four starts, the Liberatore has made at least six innings, gone twice seven times, and run seven straight in his last two in April.

If it’s the roles the Cardinals want, the Liberatore will take a look. If the Cardinal needed a left-handed, the Liberatore has managed to beat 15 of the 58 left-handed players they have faced this season.

The test is open ended.

Like Gorman, it would be obvious if he continued.

He’s coming to cast on Saturday and we’ll take a closer look at him,” Marmol said. “And just look where we want to go from there.”

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