“Blessed by Di Mayo Tragi and Matterella” – Libero Cottidiano

New party called Luigi de Mayo? Although it was called together in the future as a civic list with a population of less than 10 thousand, it was blessed by both. Mattarella That gives Dragons And it will create problems at the center. ” Maria Giovana MagleyGuest of Veronica Gentle a Counter currentIn Rete 4, comments about splitting from the preferred 5 star movement by the foreign minister who brings in fifty delegates and senators.

Not only that. “It simply came to our notice then Giuseppe Conte He behaves cunningly, without acting foolishly until this morning, and when the election accounts are put up, there will be more than the backstory available, and if the two groups are together they will not take more than they take. Of course, those are two completely different things. ”

Did de Mayo and Conte come to an agreement? “No, not necessarily. But to get the opposite purpose of the decay, maybe yes … Calenda is not done with anything today, but if Conte understands the antiphone tomorrow and leaves the government and goes into opposition, all the people there, the AngerI Disappointment in politics, Today there are many a few years ago. And today I am ready to bet that whoever leaves the government will get their votes.

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