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A surrender obtorto collo, given only “kicking and screaming” as they say in English: kicking and screaming. Also, the pretense of a gradual resignation process has already been contested by many and at the bloody cost of the Tory government, after the crisis sparked by the recent, fatal premiership scandal, is about to end. Three years. Nevertheless, the institutional tearless capitulation, in the end, to Boris Johnson: a clone from abroad far from the American epilogue to the presidency of Donald Trump pointed out sometimes too simply. Bojo resigned today in the inevitable – at the eleventh hour and a few minutes – and announced his withdrawal as almost everyone inside and outside the party has been urging him to do.

The fall of Boris Johnson, from Brexit to scandals

In his address to the nation, he formalized his relinquishment of the post of Majority Party Leader, without tears, without denying himself, with hope, confidence and determined effort. Seat of the fourteenth prime minister of Elizabeth II’s long reign. Although he reserves the right to remain in Downing Street – in the meantime he has at least reshuffled the Cabinet Council with crepuscular appointments – thanks to Parliament’s return to the summer recess, which starts in two weeks, except for the 1922 Conservative group Sanhedrin, until the process of deciding who will succeed him in the Tory parish, male or female, can be completed in September-October. Already overflowing with characters looking for yet another writer. The House of Commons has not found a way to speed up time. Boris must leave Number 10 at least before the autumn: if not “immediately”, they want in the name of “the interest of the country” and at least stability, many internal enemies (first of all ex-prime minister John Major) and the leader of all opposition parties; Labour’s Keir Starmer is ready to threaten a humiliating demonstration of no confidence in Westminster against the outgoing government, backed by the likes of Liberal Democrat Ed Davey, who has already branded him “the worst prime minister in British history”.

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“I’m leaving, but I don’t want to”, replied Johnson from the stage customarily set up in front of the door at 10 Downing Street, to applause from a group of highly loyal ministers and officials and young wife Carrie. , little daughter Romi in the arms sadly smile on the face; But also against the backdrop of the jeering cheers of activists and protesters gathered a few blocks away.

Those who completed Brexit, those who got the country out of the Covid restrictions “first in Europe” or put Ukraine on the front line are not without saying “huge pride”. Bojo later thanked the British people, controversially recalling the consent obtained in the 2019 elections: an enormous mandate prompted him – he justified himself – to try to remain Prime Minister until the end, considering it a “duty”. He admitted that the conservative parliamentary group now wanted “a new leader” and that “no one is inevitable in politics”. So he reserved a jab at the ‘traitors’ who would “rest” today, not exaggerating that “when the herd moves – he rumbled – everybody joins”. “But our Darwinian system can find a new leader, to whom I will give my full support,” he concluded, even invoking an imagined “golden age” for the island outside the EU. A future, moreover, when something is felt it must be felt by others. The present — beyond pledges of unwavering support in Kiev against a Russian invasion, renewed with regret and mutual admiration in a last phone call to Volodymyr Zelensky among friends — is marked by fears of the unknown and confusion. The bruises in its path, the tail blows of a divisive Brexit, and the many controversial events that have encompassed it, leave a legacy in every sense of the party as much as the national political system, from Participant down. Not to mention the consequences of his indefinite defiance in recent days, the bunker figure built around Downing Street – after the lies or half-truths of the Fincher scandal – about fifty senior and junior members of the same government have already abandoned it. Today the burial begins to seal the end of an era.

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United Kingdom, Johnson: ‘A government must step up in difficult times’

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