Boris Johnson was saved from the Tories’ no-confidence vote for the party: 211 in favor of him. But one of his distorted successes: Disagreement is growing

He won 211 to 148 ‘, but his majority is slightly higher than the minimum. Boris Johnson He was saved from a no-confidence vote Tories On Partygate And is the leader of the Conservatives Prime Minister Of United Kingdom, But despite the teaching of hope, it is necessary to see in the coming months what will happen to his leadership. A few weeks after the decision was made within the party, the dissatisfaction of colleagues gradually grew. Gray report At banquets hosted by members of the administration, some of them have already given their own Resignation. With a secret ballot within the committee, the last way to resign over the holiday affair is a Downing Street With the UK DisablingThe story basically ends because the Tory group’s control does not allow more than one No-confidence vote Per year, subject to change. So Johnson, quoted Press AssociationHe said his government could now “Go” After the end “Confirmation” And “Decisive”.

The truth is, on the one hand, the effects of the British Prime Minister are limited to one Well Caused by PoliceIf we exclude collapse Studies. But the apparent split in the party is a fact, the required majority is 180. The divisions that weaken it and other issues on the political agenda could cause new shocks in the future. The secret ballot on his immediate destiny, which was consumed in a 2-hour vote among the 359 representatives of the super majority who won in the House of Commons in December 2019, was in fact a mandate. Distorted success. 148 in favor of disbelief is a drain on the belief of a hundred people Great voters It seemed armor in the beginning Ministers, Deputy Secretaries Or the youngest “payroll” government office holder in his cabinet. According to some commentators, “the beginning of the end” Difference of opinion It was more than what was imposed on Theresa May in 2018, she escaped from it, but was forced to resign 5 months later. Or a Margaret ThatcherThis was in 1990 – and further aggravated by treason Snipers More than he expected – he finally threw away the pieces in a few hours.

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In short, optimism was tighter than expected, tainted by the rejection of dozens of representatives of all orientations – moderates or Brexiters, veterans or rockers – including the last punches of the old Johnsonians. Jesse Norman Or personalities on parties like the outgoing anti-corruption jar John Benrose, He openly accused the minister of violating the integrity (i.e. lying) of the standards in the party. There are no definite words for Bojo’s future, but despite any attempt to encourage him, the rules of the Tory house guarantee him. Moreover, the chairman of the 1922 Committee had already warned that the rules might be changed.

The vote came within the party following the number of letters of no confidence sent Rebel representatives To 1922 Group – The internal organization of the Tory group is responsible for collecting these kinds of initiatives and getting votes for the leader at the event – rose to 54 over the weekend. In the wake of the announcement after the end of the four-day public celebrations, several protesters formalized their members just before noon on Sunday. Platinum Jubilee Without interruption to the party in 70 years of rule Queen Elizabeth Closed Sunday.

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