Bring War to Russia Through Tests, Fire and Destruction –

The twin fires in the reservoir of the Russian city of Bryansk, half a mile between Moscow and Kiev, were not the first to cross the border.

Before a ghost created by explosions, accidents, potential trials and sabotage: Events in Russian territory near the border with Ukraine. As seen in Iran, sometimes the sequence of episodes is due to occasion or aggression, depending on the moment.

Let’s start with the end: a double fire in the reservoirs of the Russian city of Bryansk, half a mile between Moscow and Kiev. Videos recorded by surveillance cameras show the moment of the eruption, which appears at the bottom of one of the tanks with a large dome. Along with the pictures, the hypotheses come: From technical glitches to missile strikes, from hackers’ hands to air strikes. Also, a few hours later, the Russians announced that they had intercepted two drones at Borovskoye in the Kursk region, about 250 kilometers from Bryansk.

Not the first accident. On March 30, a military installation exploded in Belgorod, In Russia, about fifty kilometers from the Ukrainian border: according to Moscow’s security, the explosion – involving a missile depot – was caused by a night attack by Ukrainians, while someone said it was a traffic accident. Ammunition. A few days passed and On April 1, Moscow condemned a new attack on Belgorod, Against the oil depot: Kiev Blitz does not claim ownership, in fact it denies it, but believes the Russians should strike a blow. It was two Ukrainian helicopters The one who flew uninterrupted into the enemy’s territory at low altitude at dawn. On April 14, a third offensive was launched by the Russians in the region: Two helicopters – they argue in Moscow – hit at least six buildings in Klimovo, causing no civilian casualties. Again, no comment from the Ukrainian side.

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March 24 Was then Explosion in the port of BerdyanskAbout 70 kilometers from Mariupol, Saratov destroyed the landing ship and damaged Caesar Kunikov and Novoserkosk. However, on April 14, the now-famous sinking in Moscow, Attacked in the Ukrainian sea areaAnd two Neptune missiles. One week later, on April 21, a fire broke out in Tver, 160 kilometers from Moscow, in a laboratory that makes missiles: the causes of the accident are talked about, the death toll is 17 and 8 are missing. Then there are Railway sabotage in Belarus, Used by Moscow for the transport of vehicles and troopsAnd – but here we are dealing with verifiable allegations – the plot to assassinate Vladimir Soloviev, a journalist very close to the Kremlin, was foiled by Russian intelligence.

Last shot I The eruption was recorded on April 25 in TransnistriaThe separatist and pro-Russian part of Moldova is on the border with Ukraine Moscow announced in recent days Looking to unite Crimea and Russia: Reported the message By the Russian state agency Tax Talks about Heavy bombardment of the capital, Draspole, Where the Ministry of Defense is said to have been hit by grenades. A few days ago a report from the British Taste Institute said that Kiev feared destructive actions on the Moldova-Transnistria axis. Russian FSB provocationsAlthough the project is still being evaluated in Moscow.

A fight – real and virtual – with many interpretations. Can prove that the Ukrainians can attack across borders, Respond deeply to the actions of the enemy: thus creating balance in the strength test. If it suits them, they say, otherwise they circle the suspicion. The same tactic used by Mossad against Iranian strategic bases. At the same time the short circuit, even if it is ignited by the fault of the worker, may be persuaded that they are the cause of the disaster. The message is to emphasize warfare only, with special tasks Violations in the defense of the superpower that failed to protect its land. Zelensky’s men must, in some cases, protect their systems, tactics and any gates used. Along with this they sow doubts in the enemy castle – attack or destruction? – And maybe They believe in the example of those who are tired of the regime.

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Moscow, in turn, has many options. He can condemn the aggression of the opposition in taking revenge measures Or difficult moves. A few days ago, he threatened retaliation for his refusal to target the bridge over the Kerch Strait, which connects Crimea with his homeland, built after the 2014 annexation. Thus the story of the victim continuesSoldiers should be sent to die for internal purposes and to justify in public view. On the contrary, if he wants to deny success, he says sadness is destiny, To the sinking engine: Representation ships Moscow sank. For Kiev, its Neptune was the primary focus, while the Russians continued to support the study of catastrophic failure.

A game on the wire: Real actions are mixed with propaganda. If the series continues, whatever the cause, even the most ardent patriot will ask questions, and – like the family members of missing sailors – will ask for answers. However, Vladimir Putin has the power not to grant them.

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