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E Will be one step away from preparing for the invasion. After sending 30,000 troops to the Donetsk and Lukansk republics, Vladimir Putin Is ready to go further. Someone from the U.S. Department of Defense firmly believes this. “Russian forces around Ukraine are ready for an invasion; 80 percent Is under attack And ready to go – he revealed Reuters Then add -. According to the United States, Putin has 100 percent of the forces to attack Ukraine.

This was echoed by the Biden administration, which immediately alerted the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zhelensky. Russia, 007 Americans believe, is preparing for an invasion On a large scale Meanwhile in the country within the next 48 hours, new details on Jarin’s plan are coming out.

According to the German tabloid, Built, There are about 300 military vehicles of the Spetsnas Special Forces in the south of Russia. All will go to the Marinovka border area. But because there is more Built Talk about one “Secret ArmyOr “, explains that both vehicles and soldiers have no distinctive markings. Vehicles without the Russian emblem controlled Crimea in 2014. A specific choice of the Russian president and it goes in the opposite direction. In recent days, Russian tanks have shown the letter” Z “. The purpose is said to be to identify them if they occur.

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