Bunt, Blast, and Flawless Revolutions give Twins 3-1 ‘bounce’ win over Oakland

OAKLAND, CA – The scoreboard at the Oakland Coliseum promoted multiple times Monday night to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the upcoming reunion of the 1972 World Series champions.

As if in tribute, the twins played a little baseball.

Gary Sanchez smashed 433 feet at home and Jorge Polanco single-handedly with Rois Luis, but the tie in the Twins’ 3-1 win over Auckland was broken by the oldest of strategies: the blessing of sacrifice.

Those 1972, one of the last AL teams to score 100 slaughters in a season, would be very proud.

When Lewis walked in to lead the fifth game of a tie, coach Rocco Baldele gave the rarely used bunt signal. Nick Gordon ran around and put together a kick sent by bowler Zach Logie and threw it to first base, only the second successful twins sacrificed — and the fifth of any kind — this season.

It was a sign of ‘from the bunker,’ Gordon said, even though Baldeley cashed the call credit. “I’m glad, because I was thinking the same thing.”

Three pitches later, coach Byron Buxton hit a sharper through the hole at a short stopping point, and Lewis easily scored the go-ahead that was enough for his fourth straight win against Oakland. The twins have only scored 10 runs against Show A this season – but that’s double what they allowed, giving them a 1.35 ERA.

Yes, vs. Lows A, whose team average hits dropped below 200 with 4 for 30 nights, even solo running strategies are effective. Chris Archer grabbed Oakland with two hits and one run — Elvis Andros, 10 for 20 in his run against the right, Seth Brown doubled home, who walked — while loyalists Yennifer Kano, Griffin Jax and Tyler Duffy combined for five goalless rounds on just two hits.

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Archer, who has only thrown 62 throws in his starting four, said the bulls’ game is “really, really good.” At the beginning of spring training, [we said] Our promotional team as a whole, not only the beginners, but the whole group have to contribute. So far, everything is fine.”

Duffy earned his first bailout in 2022 and the fifth of his career, while Kano earned his first major league victory in his second MLS appearance. The twins’ cheers were heard in the hall from the visiting club afterwards, celebrating the 28-year-old Cuban debutante.

“It was so unexpected,” Kanu said through an interpreter. “One of the best things that ever happened in my life as a baseball player.” “I had my first beer shower and it was fun. I appreciate their support.”

Archer appreciated Sanchez’s support, not just for the ball the catcher dug 20 feet above the central field wall.

“I have to commend my neighbor,” said the veteran right-hander. “He did a great job calling up the game, and keeping my cool.” “went out [to the mound] Several times and both at the right time. Checked out right after that, so it was great visits. It’s only the second time I’ve been dumped on Gary, [but] I think we’re building a very nice relationship.”

And Sanchez is starting to build the kind of season the twins expected when they traded it in March. Since his hitting average was 0.15 against the Astros last week, Sanchez has been 5 for 15 — and all five hits were extra bases.

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“He’s been in some stadiums now, maybe in the first few weeks of the season he wasn’t playing,” Baldeli said. “The impact. Really impressive swings are what’s putting him on the ball now.”

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