Byron Buxton injury update: No structural damage to the knee, but star twins likely to miss a week, reports report


twins middle fielder Byron Buxton He’s one of the most dynamic and, frankly, the best players in baseball when he’s able to stay on the field. Unfortunately, the last warning appears often. I did again on Friday.

He led the match at Fenway Park against red socks Friday afternoon, Buxton doubled. When he slipped to second base, he injured his right knee.

The Twins have since announced that Buxton left the game with right knee pain and that he will be evaluated further. Athletic player Ken Rosenthal indicated on Saturday that Buxton is not believed to have suffered any structural damage.But he may need a week off. Phil Miller Star Tribune Reports indicate that the twins do not intend to make a move on the listwhich suggests Buxton won’t waste much time.

Buxton has the potential to be a five-instrument superstar vying for MVP awards. He played 140 games in 2017, otherwise his career high is 92. Even in the 60-game season in 2020, he managed only 39. Last season, he was the star his talent says he should be, but he was only for 61 games. and hit .306/.358/.647 (172 .) OPS +) with 23 doubles, 19 Homer, 32 RBI, 50 points, nine steals and 4.5 WAR.

Even if you just double those numbers (which means 122 match speed), you’ll be looking at 46 doubles, 38 players, 100 points scored, 18 steals, and 9.0 WAR. Maybe that’s good enough to compete with him Marcus Simin 3rd place in the AL MVP vote. And again, this will be with him missing 40 matches. That’s how talented he is and what a powerful punch he packs in small samples when he plays.

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So far this season, Buxton has racked up 0.250/.308/.750 with three doubles, three homers, four RBIs, five runs and steals in seven games.

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