Carlo Ancelotti records, coach with the most champions in history –

From Andrea Sereni

Ancelotti won his fourth Champions League, setting another record, the only coach to win 5 of the most important European Championships in history

Under the arch of Real Madrid fans, jump and dance with his players. Carlo Ancelotti Won the Champions League No. 4

(Two more as a coach, as a player: there is no one like him) and writes the best page of his game history. The most unexpected success, the most difficult. The malicious voices that came years later, according to many, made him feel emotional, which slowed him down. His Real Madrid beat Liverpool 1-0 And rising to the roof of Europe. The best coach in the world, says Benzema, the head of Madrid’s Maximo. He, Carleto, laughs. Happy, calm, slowly coming together eyebrows. He makes fun of everyone and he enjoys it. I do not believe it – he comments on this matter – I won 4 champions.

However all is true. Ancelotti became the first player to play bench poker in Champions League history. Bob Baisley, who had three wins with Liverpool (1977, 78 and 81), knocked out the Reds (second time, first time with the Devil in Athens in 2007), and a sort of Zinedine Zidane with three wins between 2016 and 2018. I was fine – he agreed – and helped the best teams and the best players. Two with Milan and two with Real are the most successful and the teams I like the most. All four have a special taste.

To play in the final in Paris – after winning the Spanish Super Cup and La Liga, the only one to win five major European Championships – his Real has come a long way, probably on a very bad track. In the second round, Messi and Mbapp’s PSG were eliminated, with Chelsea defending champions Chelsea in the quarterfinals, and Cardiola’s Manchester City in the semi – finals. Then, in a backward position, he knocked down Liverpool. A company. Our secret? The humility of the more experienced and the enthusiasm of the youthAncelotti says satisfied.

Congratulations Carleto, national coach Mancini writes on Twitter. Great Carlo, the absolutely deserving champion, comments to the leader of Naples, Arelio de Laurentis, that he allowed him to go too fast. Part of the journey that took Ancelotti to Paris for the night. The most beautiful of all.

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