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Print between two heirs to the throne at the decision to sever official ties with Elizabeth’s second son involved in the Epstein case: “Question of survival of the monarchy at all costs”

From our correspondent
London – is on hand Carlo and William Immediately behind Prince Andrew’s “dismissal”, Practically expelled from the royal family Allegations of sexual harassment Hanging over his head: “That’s one Quick and ruthless resultsNominated by the Prince of Wales and Duke of Cambridge and approved by the Queen, ”explained Palazzo Al, a source. Daily Mail. ⁇This is the question of the survival of the monarchy at any cost: It will always be like this, always will be.

Carlo, shy “helmsman”

In the past, Prince Philip called himself the “head” of the royal family: the Duke of Edinburgh headed the “war councils” during the crisis between Charles and Diana in the 1990s. But with his old age and finally his demise, Charles was given the responsibility of “Governor” of Windsor House, Apparently agrees with the Queen. The Prince of Wales has never kept it a secret that he loves someone The “regulated” monarchy, For example, Princess Beatrice and Eugenia, do without small figures like the daughters of Andrea: the direction of the journey had already caused the displeasure of Elizabeth’s second son.

William’s influence is growing

The intervention of the Lord of Cambridge was decisive: he a An increasingly active and influential member of the Windsor Sanctuary And the Queen appreciates her decision, which is reminiscent of her beloved Philip. Also, everyone knows that the future of the monarchy rests on William’s shoulders more than Charles being a short-lived king.

But the 39-year-old prince’s hole is his wife Kate: A bourgeois woman with her feet on the ground, without fully absorbing the real “bubble”, will have antennas Feel the sensitivity of the general concept. William is less in love with the old guard, so he has no hesitation in recommending “domestic deportation” to his uncle Andrea.

The script has already been tested

With Elizabeth’s consent, The The script has already been tested with Harry and Meghan: “They made this decision Isolate the company from all flying splits Explained the royal source to Mail -. The same pattern of separation from Sussex follows: The removal of the titles means that it can now be said that the monarchy is not legally involved in it.

For Elizabeth, punishing what was considered unanimous was very painful Favorite sonBut like all other dynastic-family crises, Margaret first, knowing what was best for the queen monarchy, acts as the ruler of the crown, not as a sister or mother. After all she and the building are now supported by a determined William.

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