Chairman of the Kiev delegation: “Negotiations have progressed: Zhelensky and Putin prepare for direct meeting in Turkey”

The Draft contract The peace between Ukraine and Russia drawn up during the talks in Istanbul on March 29 is set to begin a direct discussion between the presidents. Volodymyr Zhelensky And Vladimir Putin. The head of the Kiev delegation, David Arakamiya, held talks with the Moscow delegation, the news agency reported. Interfax- Ukraine. “Russia has given an official response to all positions, that is, they accept the Ukrainian position. Crimea issue. Minister of Foreign Affairs Guleba He said there was no official confirmation in writing, but verbally, yesterday, via video conference, it emerged that the Russian side did not oppose any resolution. According to Arakamia, “the Russians have confirmed the study of draft documents that have been processed sufficiently for further consultations between the leaders of the two countries: our task is to prepare the final stage, not the peace document, but the future meeting of the presidents to be discussed. I do not know Putin And Zhelensky. The two presidents will meet “in Turkey, or Istanbul or Ankara,” however – with a high probability that “Aragamia will continue”. President of Turkey Recep Tayyip ErdoganIn the last few hours, Has raised His desire to make face-to-face arrangements between the two leaders “in the future”.

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