Chaos and violence in Kazakhstan. Almaty Town Hall was attacked and set on fire

AGI – Protests in Kazakhstan against rising bills take the form of violent uprisings. In Almaty, the financial capital of Kazakhstan, there are protesters The municipal building was attacked and set on fire.

In October, they were one of the cities that exploded Struggle to condemn the rise in gas prices, The protesters besieged the town hall and were able to occupy it as they saw no resistance from the police who were on their side.

A video released by Russia Today shows a group of protesters waving flags in the hall of the Municipal Assembly.

Hundreds of police officers have been injured in the violence in the country, 200 people have been arrested and 37 police cars have been damaged.

Qasim Jomar Tokayev, President of Central Asia He removed the government Some protests erupted as never before due to rising gas prices in the oil-rich province. Tokayev declared a state of emergency in the financial capital, Almaty, and in the western province of Mangista.

In Almaty, protests continue: According to some witnesses, there were explosions near two streets where protesters were building barricades. Law enforcement officers use stun grenades and tear gas canisters.

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An octopus Police refuse to arrest demonstrators According to the news site, people are saying, “Be on the side.” “Octopus police said they were on the side of the people,” he says. “There are about a thousand protesters in front of the town hall and chanting slogans about the police supporting them,” the site notes.

The Voice of Moscow

It didn’t take long for Moscow’s voice to hear itself. “We are closely monitoring the situation“At this time” the Russian Foreign Ministry said, “there is no information about Russian civilians injured in the riots. Russia and Kazakhstan have a deep historical connection: the former Soviet republic of Central Asia.

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Opposition to Almaty in Kazakhstan

How the mess started

A statement posted on the president’s website this morning formalized Tokayev’s acceptance The cabinet, led by Prime Minister Askar Mamin, has resigned. The southeastern city of Almaty, Kazakhstan’s financial capital, has been in turmoil since late Tuesday. The curfew order will be in effect in both regions from 11pm to 7am local time, with restrictions on going in and out of the cities under the orders.

Tokayev made a quiet call back in a video posted on Facebook by his press officer. “The government will not be overthrown, but we do not want conflicts,” he said.

An AFP reporter in Almaty saw police throwing grenades and tear gas at an unruly crowd of more than 5,000 people.

Protesters shouted “The Old Man out” – a reference to Narsultan Nazarbayev, Tokaye’s most powerful predecessor and mentor – and “resigned the government”, sparking clashes with protesters before police could enter. In another move that seemed significant, Tokayev appointed Nazarbaye’s nephew Samad Abhishek to replace him as the new deputy chairman of the National Security Council.

Not all Telegram, Signal and WhatsApp messaging applications are available in Central Asian country., While two independent media websites that reported the protests appear to have been blocked. Small demonstrations in 19 million Republican cities began on Sunday in the town of Janochen in Mangista.

Rising LPG prices in the hydrocarbon-rich Mangista were the initial cause of the unrest, but the government’s move to reduce prices in line with protesters’ demands failed to calm them down.. Independent media reports, announcing Tokayev’s new price of 50 denz (11 cents) per liter, were 120 at the beginning of the year, and protests in the Aktau, the capital of Zhanaozen and Mangystau, could not weaken the protests as new demands were put forward. .

Acta’s footage shared on social media on Tuesday showed thousands of protesters – who had camped in the city center overnight – surrounded by police. According to state broadcaster Kabar, most of them were dispersed from the city center by Wednesday.

Mangistow is dependent on LPG as the main fuel for vehicles, and any increase in price would have affected food prices, which has seen a steep increase since the onset of the epidemic. Fourteen oil workers who went on strike in Zhanaozen in 2011 were killed when police cracked down on the worst protests, wages and working conditions since the Republican independence in 1991.

Tokayev took office in 2019Nazarbayev, a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, has been elected successor. But Nazarbayev, 81, has ruled Kazakhstan since 1989, as head of the Security Council and as “head of state” who has control over the country, allowing him immunity from privileges and persecution that make him a unique policy maker. . Spontaneous and unrecognized struggles are illegal, and despite the passage of the 2020 law, some restrictions on the freedom to assemble in a dictatorial state have been relaxed.

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