Chile, wrongly paid 330 times, resigned and fled: he is wanted

The miracle of the proliferation of pesos is accomplished. At the end of the month, the Chilean worker who earned his bread by sweating meat, hams and cured meat center had to pay the equivalent of 500 euros in Italy. But fate had more meat on the fire for him: suddenly, on his account, they appeared 165 million pesos. The company made a macroscopic mistake: it paid him 330 times his salary. A figure he has earned 27 years old. Since wealth is sufficient for him after all, man decided to make himself sufficient with what he had (from heaven). And give up everything (except money).

He can choose honesty and return to the company the monstrous amount that was mistakenly credited to his account. Or. He chose the second way, the escape route. He first reported the mistake to the company by going to return the money and promising to write off the money. Instead he went to his bank branch and picked it up because it was better to run with full pockets than to pay. Hastily sent his resignation letter, gathered his belongings and disappeared into thin air. There is no trace of him anymore. He was denounced for forgery, and the police searched for him everywhere, but without success. But for someone who’s worked with hams all his life, it’s not hard to leave them all as salami.

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