“China sits in the wheat mountains”, skepticism about Beijing – Libero Cottidiano

This is the question David Barenso asked: “Are we now beginning to see the tragic consequences of war?” Federico Rambini To do Broadcast In La7, it refers to inflation and the recent deepening economic crisis. Editorial answering the question Courier della sera He wanted to clarify one thing: “Inflation was not caused by war, it was born earlier. Already in the middle of last year, especially in the United States, inflation was rising. War exacerbated it and threw fuel into the fire of inflation. Energy shockBut the latter has already begun. “

However, Rambini said he had some difficulties finding the causes of inflation: “They are difficult to comprehend. The reporter later mentioned a mystery about China: “He has piled up so much wheat while sitting. Above the wheat hills More than all other countries in the world. “It simply came to our notice then.

Finally, Rambini pointed the finger at some things, especially the central banks: “They have serious mistakes, They perceived inflation late and exited late. “Again:” Putin may be right in the end, and the West will fight even harder. Already the compactness of the West is not the same as it was a month ago, two months ago, with the impact of the economic crisis.

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