Chris Benoit: The tragedy of wrestling 15 years ago. Psychiatric Inquiry

Fifteen years ago, the wrestling star committed suicide by suffocating his wife and son: from the examination of his skull and other athletes who died under strange circumstances, there has been a tremendous improvement in the mental health of sports coaches.

At first glance, the green lawn lane driveway conveys a sense of serenity. The villa stands in the middle of the meadow as the name of the street suggests. There are lots of trees and a porch, which allows you to enjoy a bit of coolness as summer begins to warm up in Foytville. Fifteen years ago WWE’s leading wrestler Chris Benoit committed suicide by hanging himself after suffocating his wife Nancy and son Daniel. These are the years when former great footballers begin to swallow depression and commit suicide. The weird era of football is that the mental problem associated with playing life only appeared in very recent times, while the first alarms came from boxing. The most common thread is chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a disease diagnosed by Bennett Omalu, who was involved in the autopsy of NFL and Pittsburgh Steelers legend Mike Webster, who died of heart failure. .

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