Clashes in the streets after the attack on separatist leader Evan Colona –

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Convict of murder, President of Freedom Seen as a Hero: In an coma after attempting to strangle an Islamic terrorist. Tens of thousands in the square in major cities

Corsica There is a risk that it will become a major issue in the academic yearPolitical agenda led by Emmanuel Macron France will hold presidential elections in a month. The main cities of the island were shaken these days Street riots, clashes with police, dozens injured And arrests. Gasoline in a flame that never goes outCorsican independence Was thrown out of the affair Juan ColonaWho is a murderer of a French judge Life sentence for terrorist For murder ‘but a freedom fighter for the islanders. On March 2, Cologne was killed in an attack Arles prison And autonomous movements blame them on the French state Responsible for what happened.

To that extent the climate was deteriorating Interior Minister Gerard Dormian will arrive in Ajaccio tomorrow: I will have at least two days to negotiate with the leaders of the struggle. Corsica issue. The squares of the island capital but Bastia and Corte (other centers of resistance) Greeted with suspicion News and in the meantime riots and demonstrations (although the heat is low) continue.

However, much is said about the attack on Juan Colona’s prison and the protests that followed. The state of relations between Paris and the ever-restless island. Colona, ​​who has been in prison with a life sentence since 1998: the court held it Responsible for the assassination of Ajasio’s editor-in-chief, Claude Erignac, took place on February 6 of the same year; But the prisoner on this side of the sea is above all else One of the leaders of separatism. On March 2, at the Arles prison in the south of France, he was attacked by a cellmate. A foreign fighter The African who returned from Afghanistan was convicted Terrorism of Islamic origin. The latter Colona strangling the neck Until he is pushed into a coma; Some appearance of a vicious attack Phrases That is what the Corsican leader would say Against the Prophet.

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The message across the Mediterranean is very specific: Authorities accuse him of failing to protect – The best position to become – Defense of Colona. That is enough to provoke anger; The first fire in the court occurredFrom Tuesday Bastia Very impressive expression, with At least 10,000 participants Resulted in an attempt to Attack on local court and 67 people were injured (44 of agents). Protests erupted again and again in Ile Rousse and elsewhere. French Status Assassin! Slogan uniting the Autonomous Front, The slogan was raised Not accidentally in the local language, not in the homeland.

It did not take long for Paris to take counter-measures. But next to the request Stop violent demonstrations immediately The opportunity for negotiation had also come, and it was taken up by Minister Dormian. The executive has listened to the demands of Corsica’s elected officials – he said – and We will open a cycle of discussions. The outstretched arm did not release the trial. Dormion has announced It does not indicate any step forward – Shorten it Petr’Antone Tomasi, Fighter of the Free Corsica, Local media interview – Ministers have met dozens of them in recent years. Do they promise us anything exceptional? We will evaluate as soon as the cards are placed on the table.

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