“Closed Ports”. Now the tension at sea is rising: what is happening to the ships

Russia’s war on Ukraine is also being played at sea. Not for purely military reasons. In addition to Moscow’s plan to “starve” Kiev (and beyond), a more severe economic crisis is imminent. Precisely for this reason, Russia is blocking nearly a hundred ships carrying food supplies on the Black Sea. In addition, it bombed three ships sailing around the world rented from a farm. The news was announced by the first Deputy Secretary of State of the United States Wendy ShermanUkrinform cited.

Large amounts of food pass through the Black Sea. It is estimated that 30% Of world exports Cereal 20% more will come from there Corn And 75%Sunflower oil. The inevitable consequences will soon be announced: an increase in the prices of these products in all markets of the world. Under increasingly dramatic circumstances, many exporters have decided to park their ships: they will no longer ship to the Black Sea, at least until the situation improves. The shutdown ended not only in Ukrainian ports, but also in Russian ports. “The Russian navy is blocking access to Ukrainian ports – Sherman said – and it is effectively blocking grain exports”.

Meanwhile, the President of Ukraine is putting pressure on Norway. In his speech to the Oslo Parliament Volodymyr Zhelensky Says ports should be closed to Russia: “Russia should not use ports around the world freely. This is a global maritime security issue.”. The charge of piracy in Moscow for blocking Ukrainian ports is a very strong demand.

“Ukrainian ports in the Black Sea and the Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAzov have been blocked since the first day of Russia’s invasion,” the president said. Mine The Russians would go into the sea and cause great damage.“God forbid – whether they are passenger ships, merchant ships or oil tankers, their explosion will not only lead to human casualties, but also to a large-scale environmental catastrophe.”

The Ukrainian leader also returned to ask his country to send more weapons, but not random weapons. To MissilesAir defense and tank resistance systems. “All the weapons you can give us will be used to protect us and yours FreedomIn his heartfelt plea, Zhelensky stressed that “the future of the entire European continent is determined in Ukraine, from north to south, from east to west.”

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