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From Stefano Montefiori, reporter from Paris

The president’s speech to the French after a referendum in which he was denied an absolute majority in parliament

“I think we can find a large and clear majority to act on,” he says confidently Emmanuel Macron. Three days After the election blow As he lost his absolute majority in the National Assembly, the French president broke his silence and addressed his countrymen at the start of the news at 8 pm last night. Macron was as calm and confident as everAmused by the challenge, “Learn to govern collectively and legislate differently, because today no political force can legislate on its own.”

Macron did not utter a word of defeat or name of prime minister Elizabeth Bourne, Named a month ago and already trembling. With his own communication skills and the arrogance of his opponents, the president did not enjoy the situation, but gave the impression that he saw it as an interesting opportunity in line with his commitment: “I tried to overcome political obstacles from day oneMacron said he referred to himself as “right and left” in 2017. President a week ago He asked the French for an “overwhelming majority” To avoid confusion. The French did not give it to him, but he makes a bad situation betterHe praises “compromise.”With full transparency, in the will for trade union and action for a nation that affects all political forces ”.

In practice, The National Unity Government was rejected – “The party leaders have set aside, and that too seems irrelevant to me” – remains the same Two roads: Fixed government alliance with another party, or variable majority, Case by case. “My responsibility is to expand the majority by entering into a coalition agreement or by creating a text-to-text majority,” Macron said.

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The President is leaving for Brussels today Council of the European Union Then G7 and NATO will participate in the summit. “When I return, I must say with full transparency how far political groups are prepared to go.” One way to throw the ball back on the opponent’s court: am I ready to compromise, are you? I leave you a few days to think, I look forward to the answer when I come back. In fact, in the first hours after the vote, the president has already received some important answers Christian JacobLes Républicains, secretary of the Gaullist right-wing party; He immediately made it clear that he was not interested Join the majority “because we did not build anyone’s spare wheel”. not at all 64 places in Républicains are correct – Macron’s Coalition 44 is missing – and the Gallists will be even more apparent in the coming days. Macron recalled that the government would soon submit its proposals to protect purchasing power threatened by inflation and energy prices: a call to set aside instability for the benefit of citizens.

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