Commission January 6, Trump accuses: “conspiracy attempt” –

From Giuseppe Sarcina, Washington Correspondent

According to Republican “dissident” Liz Cheney, the former US president had a “seven-point plan” to reverse his defeat in the 2020 presidential election.

Anger, horror, emotions and, above all, many elements, are hard to deny, which is questionable Responsibility By Donald Trump. The commission investigating the attack on Capitol Hill conducted its first of six inquiries Live TV. In many ways this is L.A.Okiko Continuation Of practice Indictment Against the former President, in January 2021. Trump He was saved Thank you for the help of Republican senators.

Now this kind of General process It does not have immediate legal consequences. Judiciary, as long as it runsParallel investigationDo not decide Blame it Trump directly. Benny Thompson, the commission’s chairman, made it clear that lawmakers were “ready to cooperate with Justice Merrick Garland.” The Vice-Chairman of the Commission is the President of the Republic “Dissatisfied” Liz Cheney summed up the key findingsInvestigationChanging the logic with some clips appearing of Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner and the former Minister of Justice. See William.

According to Cheney, Trump was “Seven Point Plan” Flip Failure A. in the 2020 presidential election “The real plot”, To Penny Thompson. How much is clear in practice from the evidence collected Key contributors Donald, including Ivanka and her husband Jared, were adamant on this Voting system. Trump was there too. However, the first step in his plan is to create the wrong version. “The big lie”: That should have been said publicly by all directors Elections Was Fraudulent.

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We know the former White House leader is trusting Rudy Giuliani To hit a series Disable judicial appeals. All rejected. At the same time, he stirred the square and prepared the floor January 6 attack. One of the witnesses, documentary filmmaker Nick Questt, described the arrangements for Eve. His pictures, some UnpublishedShow the “Prot Boys” Leaders and Pledge Guard Meeting on the evening of January 5th Garage Washington and Confusion “Shares in Capitol Hill”.

January 6 morning at least 200 Proud boys They move to Congress just before 10:30, just before noon when Trump is present. Harass the crowd In the mall. This means at least this exercise Extremists Was Planned the attack in advance. The commission then screened the videos for about twenty minutes. Some are familiar now, others have never seen it. All Impressive. The pictures, among other things, erase one of the many nonsense we hear in the days to come Riots That means the police will leave Free field To saboteurs.

As the other witness of the evening said, the opposite is true, Carolyn Edwards, An agent on duty at Capitol Hill. That was part of it More emotional Of the trial. Said Caroline Injured twice, Losing consciousness for a few minutes, banging his head on the steps. And remembered what he saw near him Fellow Brian Cicnic “So. White As Sheet of paperBrian will die of his injuries and four opponents. There were also family members in the classroom Policeman, Tears Malka. In the evening the Republicans charged Democrats Extended the sentences of Trump collaborators. But there will be time and way to check it out in the next OccasionsWhen Evidence Will be repeated Integrated.

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