Corona virus today. Celery: The state of emergency will end after March 31

Japan: Industrial production will increase by 5.8% in 2021

Japanese industrial production increased by 5.8% throughout 2021, although below pre-epidemic levels, fines were primarily due to a shortage of semiconductors and a recent increase in Govt infections.

According to government data, the seasonal index reported by factories and metallurgical plants for production last year was 95.9, based on 100 created in 2015. Although this is the first increase in the last three years, from 1.1% in 2018, the index is below 101.1 in 2019, before the health emergency begins to have an impact on the domestic front and the production cycle of key global economies.

Data from the Japanese Ministry of Economy shows how the epidemic has adversely affected the country’s production as factories in Southeast Asia, key hubs for the Japanese-made automobile industry, have been paralyzed. Scabs.

For the December period alone, the decline was 1%, the first decline in three months as demand for industrial machinery declined. According to a regular government survey in the coming months, manufacturing companies will see a 5.2% increase in production in January, followed by a 2.2% increase in February.

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