Costa, eliminate the Green Boss hypothesis we are thinking of

Epidemiologist Andrioni said, “Nature has a price, but there are drugs.”

“We are already in a normal state. It will be completed soon. The remaining limits are very low. But we should know that we have to pay the price for it. By default, it works.” : “Other deaths and many patients, despite covit’s, will suffer the consequences. The virus, called Omigron, is less insidious than Delta, but is more insidious. The mortality rate is approximately 0.2%. All 28 sub-intensive care beds are occupied by patients in need.On the infection emergency room, 11 more positives are waiting to go to the ward because we have medical units for other illnesses. We are starting to open up to codes, so the space dedicated to Govt is dwindling. “One cannot fail to be supportive for economic, social and political reasons – the epidemiologist continues. The decision to leave the tunnel was acceptable by a doctor like me who regularly visits many who are sick and very ill. The risks of re-opening, precisely other infections, and other deaths should be known to be approximately 60,000 and 320, respectively, in Italy, a number that cannot be accurately ignored. The path to a full return to normal after two years of infection is still clear. We start with a solid foundation. 90% of the population is immunocompromised and we have medications, especially now that we are fast advancing to normal we need to make better use of them. “So far – says Andrioni – monoclonal antibodies and antivirals, which should be given within 5 days of diagnosis to patients at risk of developing serious illness, are being used less and less badly. Agency Aifa has now approved – he adds – a new combination of monoclonal antibodies that have long been used to prevent the symptoms of Covit-19 before exposure to the virus in high – risk individuals. Initially it was very effective as an incentive to get vaccinated.Now, people over the age of 50 are forced to be vaccinated, full stadiums and active T If we think of moving towards a free environment that includes scos, it has lost its meaning.

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