Coup in Burkina Faso, military arrests President Cabore, Speaker of Parliament and some ministers

Chairman of Burkina Faso Paso, Roche Mark Christian Kapoor, Arrested, it is now Prisoner In an army camp for rebels. Local media have reported that the president has been asked to sign it Resignation Inside 72 Ore. The Speaker of Parliament is also in the custody of the conspiracy leaders. அலசானே Bala சகண்டே And some Ministry. Residents around the president reported heavy gunfire throughout the night, sparking rumors that it was possible. Coup In place. However, the government has denied the rumors.

It all started on Sunday January 23, When the gunshots began to sound for several hours Fields Military. The rebel forces captured the army camps Lamisana Sangule In the capital of an African country, he asks Military reforms And better care for the families of injured players and veterans. The soldiers let someone talk on the phoneAssociated Press That’s what the military is asking for conditions Work One facing Burkina Faso is best for the army By increasing violence Fighters Islamic. In the requests a Increase From Troops Work Better assistance to the families of those injured and killed in the war on terror. Rebel soldiers want that too Replace The Military hierarchy AndIntelligence, He added.

In fact, in recent months The Disappointment Due often in the West African country Murders Of the public And soldiers of terrorist extremists, some of whom have links Condition Islamic e Al Qaeda. Protesters spoke out in support of the rioters Looted Headquarters Fit Politics By Cabore. The government announced Curfew When used by security forces loyal to the President Gas Tear gas To dissolve the struggle. Minister of Defense, Love Bartholomew Simbor, Burkina Faso explained that protests had taken place in other cities as well. “We are monitoring the situation,” he said, avoiding confirming Kapoor’s arrest. Instead the Minister said Ten Players e For The public They were Arrested In connection with the plot attempt.

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