October 16, 2019 Legal

CQC highlights the importance of effective HR management says Royds Withy King

CQC’s State of Care report highlights the significant workforce crisis in social care driven by inadequate funding, the demanding nature of the work and the lack of career progression opportunities. The sector currently has an estimated 100,000 live vacancies and will need to recruit 650,000 people by 2035 to meet demand.
Staff turnover rates in the care sector run at more than twice the national average, but improving the proactivity and effectiveness of HR management can boost employee well-being and engagement and create a positive workplace culture, James Sage, Partner and Head of Social Care at Royds Withy King will tell delegates today at the Annual Employment Law Update for Care Providers.
James said: “CQC acknowledges in its report that when providers value and care for their staff team it creates the conditions for both high-quality care and an engaged and loyal workforce. It is therefore imperative that providers develop and implement effective recruitment and retention strategies.”
James recommends that providers consider implementing the following to ensure they attract and retain the best staff:
Develop a clear and actionable recruitment and retention plan;
Train, develop and invest in staff;
Consider a well-being programme;
Implement an employee engagement plan;
Hire staff based on values;
Provide fair pay and a means of rewarding success and achievement;
Provide a forum for communication and collaboration across the business, and importantly, for leaders to listen to staff;
Embrace technology and innovation. Job satisfaction, well-being and retention can be improved through adopting technology to free up staff time to provide care and support.
Manage staff proactively and fairly. Look to facilitate the growth and development of your rising stars and part ways with those who don’t share your vision, values or performance expectations.
Royds Withy King recently launched an HR and employment law advice service for care providers called HELP, with a mission to help providers attract and retain the best staff through proactive and fair HR management. One provider commented that advice was “clear, pragmatic and timely” and that the service was “an absolute breath of fresh air”.
James Sage author of this article can be reached on 01225 730100 or by email james.sage@roydswithyking.com.


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