Dark Souls servers are finally back online

After shutting down the servers for everyone Three dark souls Titles on PC Due to security issues, FromSoftware finally spoke out and stated that it is already working to bring games back online.

Initially off Because of the discovery of an exploit in Dark Souls 3 that could allow malicious players to hack other players’ computers, FromSoftware claimed this would be a temporary server outage until launch elden ring. However, after more than three months, we just got an update for this issue. First asked by a Reddit user, then Confirmed by PCGamerFromSoftware says online gaming will return to Dark Souls: Remastered, Dark Souls 2, And Dark Souls 3 thus.

In an email to PCGamer, FromSoftware stated: “We are currently in the process of restoring online servers for the Dark Souls series on PC. We plan to gradually restore online service for each game, and return servers for Dark Souls 3 Once you have completed the necessary work to correct the problem. We will provide additional updates once the restore schedule is completed. We want to thank all of our players for your patience and understanding as we work to fix this issue.”

While it doesn’t offer any specific dates, or even a time frame, for when servers will be back online, this is the first time the studio has officially acknowledged the problem since shutting down in early February. It looks like Dark Souls 3 It will be the first game to be restarted online, and the other two will follow later.

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