“Day Two in Formentera, Grade 10”

holiday With the unexpected Sophie CodconiAfter a heist in Mallorca, he now finds himself locked in bed with someone Skin rash On the second day of his stay in Formentera. Hopes of recharging herself before the start of new TV projects are nipped in the bud for the young former Jifina, who is unable to enjoy some well-deserved rest.

Sophie Cotconi, Theft in Spain: What the ex-Whippo was forced to do

Sophie Cotconi and Alessandro Bassiano locked in bed: “Day two in Formentera, Grade 10”

“I do a wrinkle on my face and it gives me hallucinations, and I’m told hydrogen peroxide is miraculous. Now let’s see, I’ll let you know,” says Influence. “Second day in Formentera, vote for 10,” he says ironically.

Her boyfriend is unwell Alessandro Bassiano. Next to her through thick and thin, the Romanian boy is framed by Sophie’s phone, and he seeks some solace under the duvet.

With a long beard and bleary eyes, Model 38 is locked in a room with a fever. “Obviously we’ve already done all the swabs and he doesn’t have covid. Maybe it’s the air conditioning » explains Sophie, who doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry about the misfortune, trying to console herself with the photos taken in the previous hours.

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