Death of 20-year-old Putin from PQ and Travison: So, today …

– and again with the eleventh message about Putin’s cancer. But even if it does, or if it does, what will change you? Telegraph al Cremilino And commands. At least until death separates it from power

– The Patriot Grill Protected from obstacles. Supernatural forces

– It looks like PQ The 20-year-old had the courage to betray Shakira. Nothing confirmed, just rumors. For the sake of heaven: the heart is not commanded. But, right: this 20-year-old must have some crazy qualities. Or he went crazy

Martina Travison Coco Gauff and Repubblica take a scope from the headlines: “Blue can leave Paris with a smile”. For me, no. As they say in Perugia Paris leaves it with “Brekno”. I.e., sadness, frustration and confusion. After all, he lost, didn’t he?

Let us stop saying that the difficulties faced by the EU in implementing the Sixth set of obstacles That was the fault of Hungary. We don’t have to worry about Orban alone. In fact, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bulgaria also received exemptions. Germany is not so convinced that it supports Putin’s crude suspension. The fact is that Europe is divided. But we want to tell you about a rebel who breaks eggs in a basket

– A little, very little said, how muchProhibition To Russian oil. In fact, the states also included a provision in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bulgaria that would prevent them from refining and reselling Russian oil. The reason? Its price and will be lower than where Europe imports. This means that, if you read it backwards, that oil – hence petrol – would be more than we quietly imported black gold from Moscow in the EU. Everything is OK. This is the price of war. But at least say something?

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– Self Pelotti He’s looking for a team, and there’s a reason: he only scored 8 goals last season. Race bomber numbers are not correct

– It should be pointed out that in the end there is only one Peace plan Focused on Russia, the United States and Ukraine by Erdogan. Turkey document. Sorry: Didn’t you tell us that the Italian government or de Mayo handed over a beautiful peace plan to the right and the left?

– A woman fell in love with a toy and asked to be engaged to a Boieing 737. Love love, whom are we resisting? I tell you: a bunch of idiots

– Everything is talking about Georgia Soleri, she says everything will become interesting to the media. No one spins before being a “friend” yet. Good time, it ..

– Can we tell? Italy – Argentina It was not a game, but in 90 minutes the Latin Americans took us with a ball and, as usual, we never shot from a distance into the goal. It would be nice if we didn’t go to the World Championships, I don’t have to fish

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